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What's the Difference?

The main distinction between consultations and psychotherapy is that psychotherapy diagnoses and treats mental health disorders and helps clients that are presently in distress. Consultations are coaching sessions that are best suited for clients who are not in distress but wish to take a proactive, preventative approach to improve their lives, relationships or health.


Whereas the focus of psychotherapy is to understand how the past shapes the present, consultations focus on the present and how it can shape and improve the future.


The goal of psychotherapy is to increase self-reflection to understand how our thoughts, beliefs and feelings affect our behavior in order to make positive change. Consultations and coaching sessions focus on skill-training, education and solutions.


The primary aim of consultations and coaching sessions is to focus on problem-solving by teaching the client easy-to-learn, practical tools and encouraging conscious application of those tools to improve their health and wellness.


Consultations are not meant to be psychotherapy sessions nor are they meant to be therapeutic in nature.


Learn more about private consultations in the FAQ or contact me

Consultations are goal-directed and solution focused coaching sessions. Their aim is to teach practical tools and encourage conscious application of those tools to improve health and wellness

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