Scared of getting pregnant again?

Prepare your body for pregnancy without taking the fear and anxiety of your past loss, pregnancy complications, or preterm birth with you

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried all.the.things to help with your anxiety, fears and worries (yoga, deep breathing, meditation, therapy) but the calming effects just don’t stick and you're sick of it. When something triggers you - a fight with your partner, a twinge reminding you your period is coming, your preemie catching a cold - you fall right down the dark hole you just worked so hard to climb out of.

You’re tired of talking about everything that's gone wrong (and getting nowhere new!) and are serious about stopping your stress, anxiety, grief and trauma from interfering with your ability to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

You’ve lost faith in the medical system because your voice was not heard or trusted before and you are ready to do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn't happen again.

You’re sick of always feeling afraid, waiting for the other shoe to drop, and you’re ready to be free from that fear so you can increase your chances of getting pregnant and enjoy your next pregnancy.

If all of this resonates and you’re determined to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and feel at peace on your family-building journey no matter what lies ahead, you’re absolutely in the right place!

If this doesn’t sound like you, we should probably part ways now because this program is likely not a good fit.




You’ve waited in sheer terror as life hung in the balance, not knowing what would happen.


You’ve watched your baby fight for his/her life, never realizing just how fragile and strong the human body can be. 


You’ve experienced the soul-shattering moments of losing life. It takes your breath away, making it impossible to sleep, eat, be in the world without seeing pregnant bellies and babies everywhere. 


You’ve been through, seen and heard things no parent should have to. 


When you think about trying to conceive again or being pregnant again, the anxiety is crippling. But the desire to have another is so strong. 

You've become  terrified of the thing you want  most

You’ve probably heard from well-meaning loved ones and even professionals that you’re being too negative, you need to focus on the positive. Let the past stay in the past and look forward.


But you and I both know that’s not enough!


You’re not making a big deal out of nothing. You’re not being pessimistic or negative. You’re not crazy.

Your thoughts are not the problem.



Unfortunately, myths about fertility, pregnancy and birth trauma and loss

are everywhere!

Pop psychology tells us anxiety and fear gets better with time, that when we have our baby in our arms, we’ll breathe again.


That implies you're stuck feeling like this until you get your take-home baby & that the baby is the magic cure. What?! Postpartum support wouldn’t be necessary if all it took was time and a baby in the arms!

Outdated psychology approaches (that most therapists still use) tell us that the only way to release the past is a long process of going revisiting your memories & sharing details of the story for weeks or months until it doesn't trigger you anymore.


We now know all that does is put you at risk for retraumatization.

But what do my feelings have to do with getting pregnant again?


When you release trauma, grief, and anxiety from your body, neurochemical changes happen that restore balance to your hormonal, nervous and immune system. This balance turns on a repair system that we're born with, which has been shown to improve reproductive and pregnancy health.


The good news? You don’t have to open up the wounds of your past in order to release this grief and trauma from your body! (That is a very outdated approach to trauma work and needs to be eradicated!)

Also, resolving anxiety, grief and trauma should never hurt more than the painful past experiences you've already had. 


Retraining your body to reset your alarms is often all it takes to experience the peace and trust in your body you’ve been searching for.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you join the Path to Baby Program

>>> Feel safe in your body again

>>> Hear and trust your instincts and differentiate them from fear

>>> Release the trauma and grief from your body which lift mood and end anxiety

>>> Experience appointments and medical procedures without triggers, tears and fears

>>> Have peace, confidence and clarity so you can think and choose instead of react out of fear

>>> Feel joy again without waiting for the anvil to come crashing down



You survived.



When you join the Path to Baby  Program, you will get

Lifetime access to a private client portal with customized strategies for releasing anxiety, trauma, guilt, grief and re-establishing safety in your body so you can confidently and peacefully enter your next cycle as you try to conceive again.

Twelve (12) powerful weekly hybrid 1:1 calls to personalize and implement these strategies in your day to day life and discuss questions or pressing issues that have arisen through the week about your health, wellness or care plan. 

Unlimited priority email support to immediately troubleshoot whenever life throws you a curve-ball instead of waiting a whole week to address it.

Pre-appointment prep support including questions to ask (and how to ask them) so you are taken seriously and not waved off as “just another anxious patient”

Done-for-you scientific research to take to your care provider so you don’t waste time on Google or PubMed making your head spin

Referrals to other healthcare professionals as needed to help you build the best team to guide you to bringing your baby home


  • resetting your autonomic nervous system (aka stress response) no matter what ups and downs you face during your family-building journey

  • regaining trust in the medical system

  • reestablishing trust in your body

  • releasing past fertility, pregnancy or birth trauma and grief

  • experiencing body safety again after everything you've been through

Phenomenal results are possible because we focus on retraining    your body 

(instead of trying to be more positive and hope for the best)

What real clients have experienced:

Became pregnant after unexplained infertility when cycling during the program


Insomnia disappeared within an average of 4 days without requiring supplements or medication


Mood improved and anxiety decreased by an average of 50% within 2 weeks.


Fear of getting pregnant again decreased significantly within 1-2 weeks


Confidence increased to ask for more medical monitoring or asking for treatment modifications within 3 weeks of beginning the program

Attended appointments without feeling triggered within 3-4 weeks of beginning the program

Blood pressure reading improved at the doctor within 3 weeks

Nightmares and flashbacks disappeared within an average of 1 week


Remembered angels with peace and calm instead of overwhelming sadness and anger by 4 weeks


Physical pain associated with chronic pain conditions disappeared within 2-3 weeks


Panic episodes disappeared on average within 2-3 days

100% of clients have stayed pregnant longer than their doctors thought was possible while experiencing pregnancy complications

But HOW do you do this?!


First what you don't need: magical powers, special skills or a crystal ball.


While all of my clients are deeply special to me, there is nothing special about them. They are women just like you who have had their hearts broken, souls shattered, spent night after night crying until their eyes had no more tears wondering "What did I do?" 

They've experienced everything from miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and ectopic pregnancy to preterm delivery, a pregnancy with complications or almost lost their own life on the family-building journey. 


For each of them, and for you, here is how this program works:

STEP 1: Restore body safety. Nothing anyone will teach you (myself included) will stick and create lasting change until you feel safe in your body first.

STEP 2: Activate your physiological repair system. It is only in doing this that you can make intentional, informed choices about your health, medical care and healing and move out of avoidance and anxiety. This is how panic, nightmares and avoidance get better.

STEP 3: Release and resolve grief and trauma in your body without re-triggering old wounds by using somatic, body-centered resources such as guided visualizations, breath work, sensory integration and many more. The process is 100% customized so not every client will learn the same exercises.

"Um that's it?? This sounds really simple."

If that's what you're thinking, you're right. It is.


For some crazy reason, we've bought into this idea that healing should be as complex as the situation that created the wound in the first place. 


That's just wrong. It really is this simple.

But, I'll be very honest with you: doing this requires you to re-train your brain and your body and undo some habits that worked to keep you safe, but are now working against you when you're preparing for pregnancy again.

To see results to your emotional, reproductive and pregnancy health requires diligent, daily effort. 


Think of it like training for a marathon. Simple steps and totally doable only with daily commitment.

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Parijat Deshpande, mind-body health specialist and trauma professional for women before, during and after a high-risk pregnancy. I'm also a former infertility, loss, high-risk pregnancy and bed rest patient who went on to be a NICU mom for months after the birth of my micropreemie.

It was only because of my personal experience with infertility, losses, a very high-risk pregnancy & extremely preterm delivery that I learned how much informed support is lacking for our community.

My experience forced me to question the many years of training in clinical psychology because I realized what the traditional mental health field offers did not match my needs as the patient.


I didn't have an anxiety disorder. I wasn't depressed. I was living through & then trying to heal from months of ongoing perinatal trauma. That's exactly what I see with my clients. 


Training your body to reset your alarms & restore body safety can make these symptoms disappear. Actually disappear.


I know you don’t want to go back and rehash your past. (You don’t have to!)  I know you want to focus on the future and bring home the babies that are meant to be in your arms. (You can!) 


I also know your body is looking for every opportunity to heal. When you learn how to deactivate your stress response and get out of fight or flight, you feel safe again and trauma resolution with improved reproductive health can happen quickly. 

Don't just take my word for it 




Before joining the Path to Baby program, I was really struggling with fear, grief and triggers that turned me into this nervous, anxious and hard to handle person whom I had never been. I wanted to find peace at the end of our journey, and was struggling to live presently for my son. My favorite part of the program was being able to improve control over my reactions, and finding ways to give myself the opportunity to digest and process what we had been through without letting it affect our future. The biggest shift for me during this program was when I stopped worrying about having to double check with ultrasound or doppler regarding my pregnancy. I realized that I didn't need it! Because of joining the Path to Baby program, I feel more relaxed; my relationship with my husband is improved, I find that I'm living more presently with my son, and I'm not constantly fearful for this pregnancy. If you’re thinking of joining the Path to Baby program, Parijat will keep you sane; with her, you will find your safe place to get pregnant, stay pregnant and navigate through whatever challenges come along. ~ Anneke, Oregon​


I found Parijat searching for infertility hashtags in Instagram after going through my 3rd IUI cycle.  I read a post she made about how negative thoughts could affect an unborn baby and I'll I could think was HOW do you not have negative thoughts after so many let downs?  HOW???? I was angry, hating who I had become, becoming more and more negative after each cycle telling myself it wasn't going to work. Having hope and being let down had been too painful so I was on a cycle of telling myself 'it would never work' and every month I had a period it was like a self fulfilling prophecy.  

I signed up for the fertility program.  I had unlimited access to e-mail between sessions and Parijat was always there with a insightful reply or personal voice message to target problems or issues that would come up between sessions.  We worked on releasing grief, practicing compassion and my life has changed.


I sleep better and come home from work with more energy that I had ever dreamed of.  This is not psycho therapy where we talk and talk it's action driven and goal oriented.  When I started the program I couldn't even put into words what I needed but now it's so clear.


It's strange to say this but the silver lining on the cloud of infertility was my work with Parijat and what I learned.  Infertility is some of the most painful of life experiences but I feel that, if I have the tools to make it through this I could get through just about anything. ~ Ana, Florida


Before I met Parijat, my pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and I became very depressed. Joining her program allowed me to go at my own pace. I didn't feel forced to talk about anything too soon and was able to go through this healing process gently. Parijat helped me gain my sanity and sense of safety back. It was a nurturing program and I never felt uncomfortable or judged. I grew so much in such a short amount of time and I will be forever grateful for Parijat and her program. ~ Lydia, California


I had tried working with many different traditional therapists when I was grieving my miscarriage before I found Parijat. My doctor recommended her and thank GOD because her methodology really works. No one was talking to me about my body even though my body was what was bearing the brunt of the trauma. Because of her, I make so many better choices - in life, at work, with my health because I actually listen to my body instead of the incessant tape that used to run through my head. If you're thinking of working with her, don't think and just do it! ~ Lauren, Illinois


Parijat has years of experience as a counselor and as a mom after a high- risk pregnancy. I couldn't recommend a more caring, thoughtful, qualified person to help you along the way of pregnancy and motherhood. ~ Preeti, California


My experience with Parijat was really nice. The best tool and skill I learned was how to listen to your body. I never had anyone explain it to me like that before. Parijat has the right tools to help and she helped me feel relaxed. Thank you for your help! ~ Hannah, Texas



Before working with Parijat, I had no idea how to listen to my body or trust my body. Every fertility treatment cycle felt like I was just along for the ride and hoping for the best. I had no idea it could be different. Now I know when my body is telling me what it needs and doesn't need. I know when I need to rest and when I can go out. Best of all, I feel like I'm finally taking care of my body better than I ever have before. And considering I'm a really healthy person already, that's saying a lot! I recommend anyone going through fertility treatment to work with Parijat. She helps you experience so much more control than you think is possible. She's amazing! ~ Emily, California



Finally, a program that deftly navigates an otherwise overlooked topic - high-risk pregnancy, preterm delivery and birth trauma. Parijat presents various avenues of self-study, body work, and healing, including creative visualization and imagery. The focus on paying attention to your body in order to release grief, anxiety, despair and other negative emotions is unlike anything I would have expected or have experienced. This is far different (and better) than just talking to a therapist. I recommend this program and her book Pregnancy Brain to anyone who is looking for a way to 'get out of your head' in order to deal with anxiety and trauma. Sonal, California

When you join the Path to Baby Program you’ll know first-hand what it’s like to

  • Go to bed at night without the hamster wheel of what ifs spinning

  • Sit in your doctor’s waiting room feeling calm and in control instead of holding your breath for good news while bracing yourself for another blow

  • Visit the same hospital as your NICU without flashbacks or nightmares

  • Be trusted as the expert on your body by your doctor instead of waved off as another anxious patient

  • Make decisions about your care from a place of confidence and certainty

  • Feel like yourself again, even after all of the heart shattering experiences you’ve had

  • See the positive pregnancy test and be fully present to experience the joy without fear

  • Trust that you can have a healthier pregnancy, and more positive experience, this time

  • Feel strong, confident and ready to be pregnant again

  • Be at peace even when the future is unknown

Too much has happened in your life that was out of your control, where you had no choice, no say, no voice.

This time, as you prepare for your next pregnancy, you have choices. 

Would you rather continue what you've been doing - trying all.the.things. you can think of, piecing resources together for only temporary relief?

Or would you like to create long-lasting changes in your body that allow you to feel better physically and emotionally while also give yourself a chance at a healthier, happier, safer outcome this time around?

The choice is yours!

Before you decide, know that this program

will not benefit everyone

This program will not benefit you if:


You are convinced CBT is the only way, believe there's no way to feel less anxious until your baby is in your arms or are not interested or able to invest in your health at this time, this program will not benefit you.

But if you know that...

  • you cannot think and talk yourself into healing

  • without releasing the anxiety, fear, stress, trauma and grief, you're like a hamster on a wheel wishing you were going somewhere new

  • you can change your physiology to increase your chances of a better outcome next time (even if you're at high-risk for complications)

And if you're ready to...

  • retrain your body to feel safe again

  • invest in yourself to free yourself from the grips of the past

  • prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy

...this program can change your health & your life .

Ready to do this? Schedule your Fertility Health Strategy Session below.

This first step is designed to help you review your overall healthcare, how your unresolved grief and trauma may be affecting your ability to get pregnant and how joining the Path to Baby program can help you prepare for pregnancy.

Please note: I only work with a very small number of clients at a time so I can give

the most detailed and personalized attention to you. When the spots fills up, you will be added to a wait list until a spot opens up again.

Still reading?


Is this program based in CBT?

No. This program is not psychotherapy or mental health counseling., Also, if you read what I shared above, you'll see why CBT is not actually the tool of choice when there is unresolved trauma. Lots of neuroscience research to back this up! 

Do you take insurance?

Because I am not diagnosing you with anything during our work together and because this is not mental health counseling or psychotherapy, insurance will not cover the fees for this program. Check with your insurance if it will be covered by HSA/FSA or is reimbursable.

What happens after 12 weeks and I’m not pregnant?

Just like your doctor cannot guarantee pregnancy, this program does not guarantee any particular outcome for your reproductive journey. If you would like to continue working together after the 12 weeks are complete, we can discuss your options on how to continue support toward the end of the program.

What happens if I get pregnant during the program? Do I have to discontinue? Can I keep working with you after the 12 weeks are up?

First, we celebrate! Then, we continue through the 12 week program, releasing grief and/or trauma at a pace you feel comfortable. If you'd like to continue working together beyond the 12 weeks, we can discuss your options at that time!

If I’m already in therapy can I still join?

Yes! The tools and strategies I teach in this program should not be in conflict with what you are working on in therapy as the focus of this program is body-centered and not cognitive or emotion-focused.

Will you help me get off anti-depressants or my anxiety medications before I get pregnant?

Only a licensed psychiatrist should be consulted when deciding to wean from antidepressants and anxiety medications. Please consult your psychiatrist about this.

I'm not sure if you're the right person to help me. How do I figure this out?

Registering for the Optimize Your Fertility Workshop, listening to episodes of Delivering Miracles® and chatting with me on Instagram is a great way to get a sense of my approach, style and philosophy.

Have more questions before applying?

Email us and ask!

Otherwise if you're sick of waiting and thinking and are ready to see changes in your health as you prepare your body for pregnancy, click the link below to schedule your Fertility Health Strategy Session, which is the first step to joining the Path to Baby program!

Please note: I only work with a very small number of clients at a time so I can give

the most detailed and personalized attention to you. When the spots fills up, you will be added to a wait list until a spot opens up again.

Parijat Deshpande is the leading high-risk pregnancy expert, mind-body health specialist, trauma professional, speaker and author who guides women to manage their pregnancy complications so they can give their baby a strong start to life. Her unique approach has served hundreds of women to manage pregnancy complications and reclaim a safety and trust in their bodies that they thought was eroded forever. Parijat is the author of bestselling book Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy. She is also the host of the popular podcast Delivering Miracles®, that discusses the real, raw side of family-building including infertility, loss, high-risk pregnancy, bed rest, prematurity and healing once baby comes home.