I work with medical providers and clinics through seminars, keynote presentations and consultations to enhance the trust and bond the patient has with you and your practice.


I provide health and wellness coaching for your patients in the office to help them mantain motivation to adhere to treatment protocols. I also help patients cope with the intense emotions that come with accepting and resolving their medical condition. I can work with you to offer any of the following services to your patients:


  • Individual or couples consultations

  • Group support

  • Workshops on self-care


Additionally, through seminars and consultations, I work with clinic staff and medical providers to:


  • improve communication between staff and patients

  • teach them how to recognize the signs of traumatic stress

  • better understand the impact of of clinician-patient interactions during exams and procedures



I am happy to work with you and your entire staff to develop a customized plan to best serve your needs as well as the needs of your patients. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you!

Mind-body health & wellness training, integrative coaching and consultations, and patient advocacy services do not provide medical advice and are not meant to replace advice given by the client's medical or mental health service provider. Sessions are not psychotherapy. Legal disclaimer.

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