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Supporting NICU Moms

Worried you’re saying or doing the wrong things? Feeling like your hands and tongue are tied but you want to desperately help somehow? Wondering why she’s not returning your calls or brushing you off with quick answers?


You’re a loving, compassionate, caring person whose loved one just delivered a baby too soon. You are trying to figure out how you can do that one thing that will make this new NICU mom feel intensely supported and loved. You want her to know you're thinking about her.


You’ve tried thinking of everything you can, you even looked online and asked your other mom friends for ideas, but the ideas don't sound good enough or you worry they won't be helpful so you talk yourself out of them.


Or you take the plunge and reach out only to be met with resistance, lukewarm appreciation or just a voicemail, time after time.


You have no idea what you can do but you want to do something!


No matter how helpless you feel, there is a lot that you can do to support a NICU mom. Let me help you. You don’t have to figure this out by yourself.


After this session you will:


  • Know what to say and when to a new NICU mom that will help her feel supported

  • Be mindful of things you should not say

  • Learn the most helpful things you can do for your NICU mom even if she doesn’t ask and even if you live far away

  • Be able to put together the ideal care package for your specific NICU mom

  • Have insight into what the NICU is like for a mom

  • Receive answers to your specific questions


Stop trying to put pieces together on your own only to come up with some gesture that will only be halfway helpful.


Work with me for one hour and you will walk away knowing confidently how to support your loved one as she settles into her life as a new mom in the NICU.


Sign up for my It Takes a Village Power Session and you will get:


  • One intensive, laser focused 60-minute phone session for up to 2 people

  • At least 3 tools you can use to be the best support to a new NICU mom

  • Email follow up check in email 7 days after our session for follow up questions


Ready to do this?


Next steps:


  • Click on Schedule Now. You will receive a link to my schedule to book your session as well as an email with your pre-session questionnaire that will help me understand where you’re stuck in supporting your loved one.

  • We will chat for 60 minutes on the phone about how you can be an amazing support to your friend or loved one who is trying to figure out how to be a mom to a baby in the NICU


She’s terrified.


She’s lonely.


Her whole world has been shaken to its core and all she wants is to know that her friends and family are still her pillars of support.


Be there for her in the most impactful way possible, no matter where you live, and watch her gain her confidence to be the best mom you know she can be.


You can do this! I can help.

Have a question about this session? Let me know!

"Great idea and really helpful!"


This session is a great idea for people who know a NICU mom and is really helpful. I especially like the fact that you come out of the session knowing what to say and what not to say (and when). Also, you begin to identify gestures that can make a difference and have an impact.


Kavita | Michigan

HR Manager


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