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Workshops, courses, and trainings for patients, providers, practitioners, and business owners.

For Patients

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Taking a trauma-informed lens gives us access to answers about women's health issues that have thus far seemed elusive. Join this Inner Circle as we talk about women's health topics (ranging from endometriosis and PCOS to pregnancy complications and preterm delivery) all make sense from a trauma-informed lens.
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After you've tried all of the anti-inflammatory diets, food sensitivity testing, changes to your exercise and sleep routines, and you're still left with chronic inflammation, it's time to look at the peripheral nervous system. This group program guides you through the neurobiological impact on the immune system and teaches you how to shift your body so it doesn't need to incite an inflammatory response anymore.
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Arrive is a supportive 8-week program guiding you through gentle neurosensory practices to help you come back home to your body, without overwhelm. Teaching you how to improve interoceptive awareness, a foundational skill to healing and health, Arrive blends high-level trainings from a trauma-informed, neurobiological lens, with personalized, 1:1 support to give you the kind of access and insights typically only available to our Path to Baby™ and other private clients.
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For Perinatal Practitioners & Providers

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Pregnancy and birth after trauma is riddled with fear for the birthing person. As as a birth professional, you have a unique position on her team to not only assuage those fears, but to also create a birth plan and that helps protect them from future birth trauma. In this workshop, we'll walk through the fundamentals of your role as a birth pro preparing patients for birth after they have already experienced birth trauma.
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For Business Owners

Business Owners
Handling Trauma in the Workplace website graphic.png

At this point in history, it is a fact that if you're working with humans in your job, you are working with traumatized individuals. The traumatic stress your colleagues, clients, customers, or employees are living with may be showing up in your work together. From loss of motivation to conversations that feel like a speeding train you can't stop. In this workshop, we'll review what you can do to handle trauma in the workplace, even though you're not a trauma professional, so you can focus on what you do best.
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Consulting & Partnerships

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Parijat is a sought-after consultant and brand partner for companies, businesses, and organizations who are dedicated to improving maternal, fetal, and prengancy outcomes. From co-creating products and services to offering professional trainings to your employees, to advising on accurate representation of birth trauma, high-risk pregnancy, and prematurity in TV and films, Parijat brings a much-needed, and often forgotten, approach to women's health.
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