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"You can always try again."

"At least you know you can get pregnant."

"Stay positive. There's no way that will happen again."

Sound familiar?


You’ve heard platitudes thrown at you by professional and well-meaning loved ones in your life in an effort to calm you down, reassure you, make you feel better.

But all they do is make you feel oversensitive and terribly alone.

Now, you're getting ready to think about trying to conceive again and you're terrified of...

>> Reaching out to your fertility clinic and getting the process started again.

>> Making a decision for when you'll officially start trying again

>> Seeing that positive pregnancy test.

>> Being pregnant.

​>> The past (or worse) repeating itself.

But your heart yearns for another child, so you tell yourself to "get it together" and "calm your fear".​

Tiny Hands

Yet nothing you've tried has worked to actually help you feel calm.

(And you've tried doing a lot of things!)

  • Reading blogs about pregnancy after second trimester loss

  • Following social media accounts about pregnancy after stillbirth

  • Saving research articles about the chances of recurrent pregnancy complications

  • Asking questions on forums about experiences not reflected in the research.

  • Psychotherapy, yoga, and melatonin

  • Netflix binges of Schitt's Creek and Ted Lasso to get your mind off of what happened and what lies ahead.​​

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So you wonder how it's ever going to be possible to feel ready to try again.

...But then you feel guilty for holding up the timeline while your partner waits patiently for you to tell them you're on board.

...Which then makes you feel so.much.pressure. that you're doing something wrong. That you're broken for not being able to get over your fear. That you're a horrible partner and mom.

All of which sends you back into the dark hole of doom.

Here's how I know all hope is not lost:

What you’ve tried so far is spot treatment.


Deep breathing for the tight chest. Journaling for the restless mind.
Exercising for the body that cannot rest.


What’s been missing is a whole-picture, whole-person approach to stress relief, focused on what your body, mind, and soul need to feel calm and at peace.

Introducing Path to Peace


A 30-day mini course to show you the first steps to feeling less stress and more peace about
TTC after loss or preterm birth.


When you register, you'll receive 30 days access to...

Making Sense of Stress

In this module, we review what chronic/traumatic stress is and is not and why everyday and even professional misconceptions about these definitions leave too many women feeling more stressed and no relief about trying to conceive after preterm birth or loss.

We also dive into help you make sense of your stress, identifying what your body is telling you, what it needs, and why.

Regaining Control

One of the biggest factors of stress is feeling a loss of control. So, in this module we talk about how to regain that control, even when there is uncertainty about your future pregnancy.

You'll start to rebuild trust in your body by understanding what's happening in your body when you feel fear, and why all the stress management tools you've tried have only resulted in a few moments or hours of relief.

You'll also learn the foundational steps to come out of that fear response - no it has nothing to do with deep breathing or thinking positively - and why that's essential to helping you gain back control and feel less stress as you prepare to try to conceive again.

Get More Answers


All of the "We don't know" and "Let's hope for the best" attitude you've heard, and are trying to convince yourself of, is feeding into your stress. In this module, you'll learn how to get more answers beyond, "This was just a fluke" from a trauma-informed len.


So you can make more informed decisions about your current health and health care plan, a well as your future prenatal care before you head into your next pregnancy.

The more you know, the less stressed you'll feel about your future pregnancy.


Once you've completed Path to Peace in 30 days, you'll get 1 free month of access to our Trauma Informed Women's Health Inner Circle.

Through guided lessons, audios, videos, and workbooks, you'll see how stress relief doesn't come in the from of relaxation.


Relaxation and peace comes when you turn the stress response off.



Clarity on why what you’ve been trying for stress relief hasn’t been working and what your body needs to help you experience the peace you’re craving before you TTC again.


Confidence in your ability to experience stress relief, even in a situation where the future of your next pregnancy is uncertain.


The first steps toward sustainable calm so you can make the difficult decisions that lie ahead for you from a place of choice and not fear.

Holding Hands in the Sunshine

But why Path to Peace? Why now?

Because what you're doing isn't working, or not working well enough.

And you aren't willing to stop trying to find something that will work because you know that stress impacts health before and during pregnancy.

I created Path to Peace out of frustration seeing how much horrible and frankly physiologically inaccurate advice there is about stress (chronic and traumatic) that continues the disempowerment that is pervasive in women's health. 

You deserve to hold the reins of your journey. 

You deserve to TTC on your terms, without the stress dictating when you can/will be ready.

Path to Peace is designed specifically for you...the woman who's experienced loss or preterm birth, is fully aware of how pregnancy can go sideways (even when you do everything right) and wants to know the first steps to feeling less fear and more peace before you're ready to TTC. 


Ready to join?

Join Path to Peace before we retire this course on July 5, 2022.

Baby's Feet

This was so simple but gave a lot to think about differently. It really took me out of my anxious brain.


Join Path to Peace before we retire this course on July 5, 2022.