A healthy baby starts with a healthy you...

I specialize in mind-body support for women before, during and after a high-risk pregnancy to help you prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy, help you improve your pregnancy outcomes (even if you have complications) and help you release the trauma from your body when baby comes home.

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Preparing for Pregnancy


A workshop reviewing the details of how stress impacts fertility with a guided exercise on where to begin to turn off your physiological stress response as you're trying to conceive. If you want a taste of somatic work without the commitment of a longer program, this is the best option for you.


The most personalized,

1-on-1 experience to prepare your body for pregnancy. You've experienced loss, a high-risk pregnancy and/or preterm delivery, want to be pregnant again but are terrified. A deeply customized mind-body program to help you release stress, trauma and grief so you can have a healthy pregnancy.

High-Risk Pregnancy



Best seller, 

Pregnancy Brain, reviews the science behind taking a mind-body approach reduce your risk of pregnancy complications and preterm birth. If want to understand the biology of stress during pregnancy without the commitment for personalized support, this is the best option for you.


A highly personalized 1:1 program to guide you to reducing your risk of pregnancy complications and improving pregnancy outcomes, even if you have a high-risk pregnancy.  A mind-body approach to improve pregnancy health, feel safe in your body and regain trust in the medical system.

Healing Hearts

A Somatic Approach to Resolving

Grief and Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth Trauma

A group program to release grief and trauma after infertility, high-risk pregnancy, prematurity, birth trauma and the NICU. You're done TTC (or aren't ready to try again for a many months or years) and you know you're deeply affected by everything you've been through. Triggers keep sending you down a dark hole, you're avoiding places that remind you of the hard times, and every time you cry you just end up with puffy eyes, without feeling any better. You feel like you don't belong anywhere and no one understands. Most importantly, you don't want to live like this anymore. If that sounds like you, this program is for you.

Mind-body health & wellness training, coaching and consultations do not provide medical advice and are not meant to replace advice given by the client's medical or mental health service provider. Sessions are not psychotherapy. Legal disclaimer.

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