Preparing for Pregnancy or

High-Risk Pregnancy

You're trying to conceive or are going through a high-risk pregnancy and you know there must be something more you can do to help yourself get and stay pregnant.

During this Strategy Session you will receive:

  • Clarity about missing pieces in your overall health, wellness, and care that could be impacting your ability to get and stay pregnany

  • Breakthroughs on how your health and wellness history (including previous loss(es) and traumas) could be impacting your fertility and/or pregnancy health

  • Professional guidance on how to improve your reproductive or pregnancy health

You will also have an opportunty to learn how to work with me privately to implement deeply personalized strategies to improve your fertility and pregnancy health.

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Parijat taught me how to physically calm my body and contractions down. Before, I was worried about everything and felt totally out of control. This gave me back some control.

— Rima

Postpartum or

If You're Done Growing Your Family

Healing Hearts is a group program designed to teach you how to release grief and trauma after infertility, high-risk pregnancy, prematurity, birth trauma and the NICU.


You're done TTC (or aren't ready to try again for a many months or years) and you know you're deeply affected by everything you've been through. Triggers keep sending you down a dark hole, you're avoiding places that remind you of the hard times, and every time you cry you just end up with puffy eyes, without feeling any better. You feel like you don't belong anywhere and no one understands. Most importantly, you don't want to live like this anymore.


Whether you had your children 5 months ago or 5 years ago, if this sounds like you,

this program is for you.

Healing Hearts is now closed.

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I had no idea how within reach it was to feel more like myself than I have in years. Trauma is its own beast, and Parijat has developed a program that helps teach you how to

tame its effects.

— Jenny

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