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042: The Truth About Surrogacy and Working with a Gestational Carrier

Surrogacy has an air of mysticism around it. On the outside, it seems like an option just for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker or Marcia Cross. But it's a real, viable option for couples who cannot carry their own children.

The reality is that surrogates don't do this because they want the baby. They do it to be able to give couples an opportunity to build their family.

But it can feel daunting, overwhelming and scary to think about a complete stranger carrying your most precious miracle for 9 months. On this episode, I speak with Eloise Drane, former surrogate, egg donor and now founder of Family Inceptions, the first surrogacy agency in Georgia.

She clarifies all the myths and misconceptions about surrogacy and advises couples on what they need to know before they choose an agency or surrogate.


Episode highlights...

  • How Eloise decided to become an egg donor and surrogate and how that resulted in a hysterectomy

  • Why she decided to found the very first surrogacy agency in Georgia

  • Why surrogates don't actually run away with babies

  • What makes surrogates want to carry other couples' children and what do they expect from intended parents

  • The important distinction between surrogate and gestional carrier and when you should work with either

  • How couples can choose the best gestational carrier who can deliver a healthy baby

  • The most important questions couples should ask agencies when they are considering surrogacy as an option to grow their family

  • What surrogates miss the most after the baby is born (Hint: It's not the baby or the pregnancy)

Not every family building journey is simple, easy or straight forward. But it’s your journey and your decision how you want to proceed. Surrogacy can be a beautiful way to bring together a village to help you have the family of your dreams.

Resources from the show...


It's not the genetic makeup that makes up a parent. It's who you are as a mom or dad. (Tweet that!)

It's ok and necessary to mourn the loss and grieve if you decide you need to use donor eggs, donor sperm and donor embryos (Tweet that!)

Surrogates don't miss the pregnancy or baby after birth as much as they miss the bond and relationship with the intended parents (Tweet that!)

About the Guest

Eloise Drane is the Founder of Family Inceptions—a “boutique style” family planning agency specializing in surrogacy and egg donation—she considers it more than a business, but rather, a calling and she strives to be a blessing to the lives of people she meets each day. In addition to her professional expertise, Eloise has personal experience as an egg donor and surrogate, allowing her to enhance their noteworthy solutions with a unique level of empathy. After these life-changing journeys, she was inspired to open a family planning agency in 2008, and continues to find deep joy and purpose in helping people fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.

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