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079: Lean into Trauma to Heal Postpartum

Thousands of women experience pregnancy and/or birth trauma every year. Without proper support, resources and information, trauma is often overlooked and women are left feeling alone as they navigate their healing journey. On this episode, I share the critical step that's involved in healing from trauma so you can experience joy and peace again.


Episode highlights...

  • A story of a client who resisted working through trauma

  • Why so many women resist releasing trauma, how that resistance makes sense and what to do about it

  • Why so many women punish themselves after a traumatic experience

  • What is trauma and how do you classify an experience as traumatic?

  • Why some situations are traumatic for some and not for others

  • The biggest misconception about trauma and trauma work

  • Common signs of unresolved trauma

  • If you're feeling thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please call 1-800-273-TALK

  • The one restaurant I cannot eat at anymore since being on hospital bed rest

  • What does leaning into trauma mean?

  • How can you work through trauma without additional emotional pain?

  • What leaning into trauma is not and how this can prevent you from wasting time with professionals who are not helping your healing journey

  • Yes you are changed in many ways/ because of your traumatic experience but you are not changed fundamentally

  • How you can feel like "you" again even after a traumatic experience

The easiest, simplest and gentlest way to heal from pregnancy or birth trauma is to lean into it.

Resources from the show...

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