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4 Steps To Going from Fighting to Communicating

A high-risk pregnancy or a baby in the NICU is a tremendous stressor and can place significant strain on your marriage.

Many couples experience a lot of conflict during this already stressful time. You may be fighting more frequently or seeing fights escalate faster.

You might be spending less and less time apart, doing your own thing. It's possible you feel like your partner doesn't get you at all.

And truthfully, your partner may feel the same about you.

To maintain a connection during this stressful time, it's important that there be open communication between the two of you.

It's the only way to share with each other how you're feeling (it's likely you both have no idea what the other is going through!) and how you can support each other best.

Conversations don't have to erupt into verbal boxing matches.

Your life is extremely stressful right now. Relationship stress doesn't have to be a part of it.

Get back to being on the same time fighting for your baby instead of fighting each other