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Why Your Plans to Stress Less Aren't Working

How many times have you had good intentions about doing something but it didn't turn into action?

You want to do it. You were really motivated. You even have a plan how to turn this idea into a reality.

But for some reason or another it doesn't end up happening. And you find yourself back on the internet freaking yourself or staying up late and snoozing your alarm.

It happens to all of us.

Assuming that what you want to do is realistic and is actually important to you, there is one key piece that's often missing from this process.


This is especially true when our stress levels are high. We fall into unhealthy patterns of eating, thinking and behaving and no matter how good our intentions are, without being held accountable very few of us will be disciplined in taking action to lower our stress.

How you respond to stress is ultimately up to you. (Tweet that!)

Take the Challenge

Think of one thing that you have been meaning to do that will help lower your stress but just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.

Got it? Now hop over to my Facebook page and simply type, “I’m doing it!” And then, commit to taking that action in the next 24 hours.

Bonus points if you share what specifically you’re going to do. Double bonus points if you comment on your post tomorrow and share if you did it.

Good intentions are only as good as the action that follows. Let today be the first day that finally make the changes in your life that you really want.

Join the Community

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That’s where I share my most heartfelt thoughts and personal stories to give you hope through this really difficult time.

You’ll also get access to my private online community where you can get support from other moms who are fighting for their baby too.

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