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Stress About TTC Is Not a Mindset Issue

Stress is not a mindset issue.

It is a physiological chain reaction to a threat that your body has perceived.

In the case of TTC after loss or preterm birth, that threat is anything from calling the fertility clinic to being in the two week wait to waiting for the pregnancy test or bloodwork results.

None of that 👆 says anything about your mindset or how positive of a person you are.

You can be a positive person AND feel your chest tightening when you think about TTC again.

You can be a positive person AND wake up every morning with a surge of fear.

You can be a positive person AND have heart palpitations, chronic hypertension, a fibro flare.

We need to separate out that being stressed, anxious, or worried about TTC after miscarriage or preterm delivery says anything about you as a person.

All it says is the thoughts of TTC of being pregnant again registers as dangerous to your body.

This is why stress relief after loss or preemie cannot be about changing your thoughts, changing your mindset, or encouraging you to be more positive.

It HAS to address the root: that getting pregnant again feels unsafe.

THAT is what makes Path to Peace stand out from every other stress management tool that you've tried so far.

Join me in Path to Peace and learn how you can tap into your innate positivity AND learn how to feel less stress about TTC again after everything you've been through.

Click HERE to join Path to Peace and learn the foundational steps to experience less stress and more peace as you prepare to TTC after loss or preterm birth.

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