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Trouble Sleeping? It's Probably Not a Sleep Hygiene Issue

Have you noticed that after your pregnancy after loss or preterm birth you've had trouble with sleep?

You toss and turn at night, wake up frequently, or crash hard before you fall asleep, only to wake up exhausted.

You've tried everything, and followed all the advice as perfectly as you can on how to get better sleep.

Cool, dark room.

Soothing sounds or a sound machine.

No devices before bed.

You're taking supplements and eating relatively well.

You're exercising regularly

Getting sunshine on your face in the mornings

You're doing everything right and still good quality, restful, restorative sleep eludes you.

Sound about right?

I've got one thing for you:

Getting better sleep at night after preterm birth, loss, or birth/medical trauma is rarely about better sleep hygeine.

It's often more about...

...The emergency state you're still in when you're trying to fall asleep.

...That the physical sensations of feeling sleepy or tired are triggering, preventing you from falling.

... The body memories from the middle of the night that prevent you from switching between sleep cycles causing you to wake up (sometimes in a panic).And so much more that is unique to your body and your history.

This is why tightening up your sleep hygeine or amping up the volume or frequency of your meditation apps aren't working.

Because it's not an external issue that needs to be "fixed".

It's an internal shift that has to be made at a body based level...

An internal shift that not only

  • will help you sleep better

  • but will also help your body shift into its safe physiological state to restore physical & emotional healing

  • and stack the deck in your favor for your next high-risk pregnancy.

Better quality sleep is just 1 marker of many that we look at to support you to improve your health now and support you through a healthy pregnancy.

Ready for deeply personalized support, tailored to your body, your history, and your pregnancy, to help you bring your baby home?

Click here to begin our work together today!


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