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Parijat Deshpande, LLC


Expanding her services beyond client-centered work into TV/Film has been a life-long dream of Parijat's that has come to fruition. Through her projects, Parijat is combining her professional expertise in trauma-informed, neurobiological approaches to improving high-risk pregnancy outcomes and ending prematurity with her personal experiences as a former high-risk patient, NICU mom and performer to tell the stories that have been hidden for far too long. 

Parijat is partnering with independent filmmakers to produce short films, feature films, health education videos, TV shows, and public service announcements that center empowering stories and accurate representation of


  • high-risk pregnancy

  • infertility

  • loss

  • prematurity

  • NICU 

  • birth trauma

  • medical trauma and/or medical gaslighting

"When we can see our deepest, most life-changing personal experiences accurately represented on the big and small screen, it not only validates that our experiences were real, but reminds us that our experiences are valuable to share.

- Parijat Deshpande

Parijat currently has a couple of independent projects in development, including a health education video series for a HealthTech company and an independent film focused on motherhood and pregnancy loss.

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