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Since childhood, Parijat has been a vivid storyteller. From writing creative fiction as a child and telling stories through her dance choreography and training in Bharatanatyam, to offering hope to her Pregnancy Brain readers through personal and client stories and telling powerful human-centered stories during her keynote presentations, Parijat has always gravitated toward storytelling being a medium for inspiring change.

So it comes as no surprise that Parijat has taken her passion for storytelling into TV/Film through her production company Sticky Bun Productions, an independent development and production company dedicated to empowering and accurate representation of complicated family-building journeys on the small and big screen. Stick Bun Productions occasionally also partners with filmmakers who are female, nonbinary and/or people of color who are dedicated to telling stories to drive culture change and create massive social impact even if their stories are not around family-building. 

Parijat also tells stories by providing script and story consulting to narrative and documentary filmmakers to ensure accurate representation of infertility, loss, high-risk pregnancy, prematurity, NICU, birth trauma, and medical trauma. 

Additionally, she offers her voice and expertise as a voice artist and narrator for projects related to complicated family-building journeys, pediatric health, and children's games, books, and TV shows. 

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"When we can see our deepest, most life-changing personal experiences accurately represented on the big and small screen, it not only validates that our experiences were real, but reminds us that our experiences are valuable to share.

- Parijat Deshpande

Parijat currently has a few independent projects in production, including producing a PSA for a nonprofit and producing, a short film on infertility, and a narrative short focused on motherhood and pregnancy loss, called Divine Mother.

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