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Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Parijat Deshpande is on a mission to end prematurity and support healthy pregnancies to prevent babies from being born too soon. Her personal health journey through a high-risk pregnancy and professional expertise in clinical psychology and psychoneuroimmunology inform her design of human-centered, trauma informed and evidence-based approaches to transforming patient experiences.

She has presented workshops, keynote addresses, and trainings at various organizations around the country including Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Dear NICU Mama, GOLD Midwifery conference, and others.

Parijat Deshpande is also the best selling author of Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy. She has been featured as an expert on stress physiology and pregnancy health and wellness, in numerous media outlets such as Forbes, The Huffington Post and PsychCentral.


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Parijat is a dynamic storyteller who can turn complex topics and turn them into accessible and empowering experiences.

From inspiring keynote speaker to professional development trainer and workshop facilitator, Parijat shares her message with a variety of audiences, including


  • nonprofit organizations

  • corporate executives

  • healthcare leadership

  • feminine technology developers

  • medical professionals

  • academic institutions

  • industry conferences

  • professional associations

  • independent filmmakers and screenwriters

Her approach and speaking style offers an enlivening blend of humor, storytelling and motivation, empowering participants and attendees to implement actionable advice to help improve pregnancy outcomes.



Parijat is a trauma-informed, integrative health strategist and thought leader dedicated to improving maternal and fetal outcomes after a high-risk pregnancy at an individual, community, and systemic level. 

As a former infertility and high-risk pregnancy patient, Parijat has lived experiences of the gaps in the health care system and societial structures that leave high-risk patients, especially high-risk BIPOC patients, at elevated risk of medical error and adverse maternal, fetal, and neonatal outcomes.


Combining her professional training in clinical psychology, psychoneuroimmunology and pregnancy, and somatic healing with her lived experience of infertility, losses, and preterm birth, Parijat envisions a future where trauma-informed practices in health care, health technology, and the media will significantly contribute to improving pregnancy outcomes and end prematurity.

"Parijat has a unique gift in being able to connect with her audience. Her energy and passion for topics on emotional health definitely come through. In addition, her inclusion of real-life examples all work together to create a fun and dynamic experience for people fo all ages and backgrounds in attendance."


Dr. David Gard

Professor at San Francisco State University

Topics Parijat Can Speak To

  • The Science of Stress and It's Impact on Perinatal Health

  • A Neurobiological Approach to Improving Pregnancy Outcomes

  • When You're Expecting a High-Risk Pregancy: What Birthing People Need to Know

  • Body Memories After Birth Trauma: What Providers Need to Know

  • Birth After Trauma: How Birth Professionals Can Better Prepare Birthing People

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