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Awareness. Insight. Empowerment.

The Trauma-Informed Whole Health Inner Circle is a private discourse answering the question, "How does a trauma-informed lens explain this?"


By "this", we mean everything on the health spectrum:


  • primary and secondary infertility

  • pregnancy complications

  • preterm birth

  • loss

  • endometriosis

  • PCOS

  • chronic pain

  • chronic fatigue

  • fibroids

  • autoimmune disease




We will also explore the connection between each of these various factors with each other, especially with chronic/traumatic stress as the mediator and a moderator.


Because "we don't know" or "there's nothing we can do" are not good enough answers for long-term and generational health. They never have been.


It especially not good enough when we have decades upon decades of research showing that the physiology of stress is connected to many, many health complications before, during, and after pregnancy.



Through the TIWH Inner Circle, Parijat will give you access to the trauma-informed lens she uses to work with her private clients to help you have invaluable insights about your health, healing, and health care after fertility/pregnancy/birth/medical trauma.


Inside the Inner Circle, Parijat will dispute common myths and professional advice, provide education on how stress physiology may be the common thread between all the things you've been through, and where you can find answers where you've been told there aren't any.


Join us in the TIWH Inner Circle and gain weekly access to Parijat's unique neurobiological, trauma-informed insights into health so you can see for yourself how much hope there really is for your future health.


This is for you if:



✓going through a pregnancy, postpartum

✓done growing your family

✓between pregnancies

✓never going to be pregnant

✓done trying to conceive


AND you know that traumatic stress has impacted your health in someway, you just don't know how. And either do any of your providers who don't know what else to do with you anymore. 


AND you're ready for some answers and insights.




1. Click the button below and complete your registration.


2. Keep your eyes open for an email with access to your member area.


3. Follow the instructions in your member area to download the audios to your favorite podcast platform.

No Facebook groups or zoom calls.

The Inner Circle is all about maintaining anonymity and your privacy and supporting your lifestyle. So all Inner Circle lessons will be sent directly to your platform of choice so you can listen in at your convenience.


  1. Memos: Neurobiological, trauma-informed expertise on reproductive, perinatal, and overall health from Parijat directly via twice per week audio recordings.

  2. Soothing Sessions; Once per month pre-recorded audio sessions on specific topics to help you experience soothing in your body so you can more clearly identify your next steps toward healing.

  3. Community Lounge: An anonymous discussion forum where you can share your insights, wins, breakthroughts, and questions as you learn about your body through this neurobiological, trauma-informed approach.

  4. Members only pricing: 1 free ticket to a workshop per quarter, plus member only pricing for any additional workshops you'd like to attend.

You'll walk away with insight, lightbulb moments, and a sense of compassion for what happened, what's going on now, Plus, you'll have clarity about what to do going forward to help yourself be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

Join the Inner Circle today for $190 for 3 months or $325 for 6 months.

"Your inner circle memos have been so helpful for shifting how I think about this trauma informed work. Even when I don't think the topic particularly applies to my situation, some piece always resonates

- Tami

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