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Become a Private Client


Welcome! We're so glad you're interested in working together on your family-building journey. 

Before we jump into which program is right for you, let’s clarify a couple of things:

On your team, I work as an integrative, trauma-informed health strategist as you are preparing for and going through a high-risk pregnancy after prematurity or 2nd/3rd trimester loss.


Whew, that’s a jam packed sentence so let’s break it down!

My approach is integrative, meaning, I look at every single thing you’re experiencing in your body now, in your previous pregnancy, and in your future pregnancy from an “all body systems are connected” perspective.


This means, for example, if you’re feeling anxious, I will review all body systems to see what may be contributing to your anxious feelings (because almost always, it’s not your thoughts, unlike what you’ve been told.)

tower of hands.jpg

Specifically, our work will be focused on understanding at how your nervous system is impacting your body systems and your health, your behaviors, and your decisions (hence, trauma-informed).


Whether you’re feeling scared or unable to sleep, having trouble conceiving, or dealing with hypertension, or anything else, my focus will be to help you find answers in the part of your body no one else on your care team is looking at: your nervous system and your neuro-endo-immune balance.

Health strategist means I am all about finding solutions with you. I am not your therapist or counselor, but a strategic partner who is dedicated to help you go from thinking and ruminating to doing and thriving.


From providing up to date health education to ensuring you have team members who listen to you...


From creating a personalized trauma or grief healing plan to helping you with pain management...


my role is to ensure you have powerful action steps (that are customized to you) to prevent the runaway “what if” train from hijacking your day and your health.


​I work with you if you have a history of preterm birth and/or late term loss and want to reclaim your body and health.


Siloing health, healing, and health care only results in coping. My goal is for you to learn how to thrive. 


We will partner together to optimize your Health, Healing, and Health Care to help you beat medical odds. You will learn how you can support your body, from this integrative, trauma-informed perspective so you can have a healthy pregnancy, feel at peace, and bring home your baby, so you can enjoy the life you've fought so hard for.

Here's how our work together will differ from work you've done with anyone else...

What our work will NOT focus on.png

This means we're not here to spot treat, get quick, short-term relief, or to help you just "cope" or "get by".

How our work unfolds will be entirely dependent on what you need to help you experience your body the way you want before, during, and after your pregnancy.

I know you might be thinking, "Well, I don't want XYZ pregnancy complication again!" and that's a great start.

But what do you want? 

The answer to that is the North on the compass we'll be using on our journey together.

Sound amazing? Great! Just one more thing before you apply to work together...

Who IS a good fit for becoming a private client?

I've noticed that the clients that benefit the most from our work together have the following in common:

  • You've been pregnant before with pregnancy complications, preterm birth, loss(es) or near miss experiences.

  • You refuse to take a "hope for the best" approach to health optimization.

  • You're not at all interested in a DIY approach or quick-fix tools. You want to know what your body needs for long-lasting health supportive shifts.

  • You need to utilize the medical system to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and deliver your baby, but you also know that the medical system is highly problematic and needs significant supports from outside to get you the care that you deserve and need.

  • You are not at all interested in leaving things up to chance in your next pregnancy.

  • You can simultaneously hold that you did not cause your previous pregnancy complications, losses, infertility, preterm birth and there is more you can do next time to improve your odds.

  • You are open-minded to new approaches to supporting your body in order to hitting your health goals.

  • You are ready, willing, and open to doing body-based work.

  • You're unwaveringly ready to invite me onto their team and are ready to actively take steps toward meeting your heath goals. 

  • You are an action taker and prefer goal-directed, easy to implement actions over talking about a situation until you gain mastery over it.

  • You value prevention and proactive support over reactive interventions wherever possible.

  • You don't want to just "get by" in your next pregnancy. You want to do everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy and be able to enjoy the journey to bringing your baby home.


If that's you, scroll down to apply to work together!

Baby's Grasp

I credit Parijat with helping me keep my baby inside of me as long as possible (overdue in fact!) and teaching me to manage my body and feelings during a really difficult time."

- Rima

There is no cookie-cutter approach when you become a private client.

Our concierge-style services offer customized guidance to help you have a healthy pregnancy, with deep support to make the path to your baby as smooth as possible.


Tell us a bit about you and we'll recommend the best way for us to work together.

Investment in private work ranges from high 3-figure to mid 5-figure depending on the season of family-building you're in and your health goals.

Please note: We are currently at capacity and are booking clients for end of 2022 and early 2023.

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