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Anniedi's Story of Hope

I remember the day Anniedi reached out to me for the first time. It was cold outside, I was sitting in my office, and I saw her message come through. "I know I'm not the client you usually work with," because she wasn't actively trying to grow her family at the time, "but I was wondering if we could talk about working together."


She was in the Transforming season of her journey.

I could hear the resolve in her voice. She was ready to figure out how to work together, how I could help her with things she had been living with (without adequate help) for so long.

I could see the determination on her face when we had our New Client Consultation. She was ready to let her body tell the story of what was going on. She was resolute in finding a solution that would help her feel like her again. 

It was this resolve, this determination, this resoluteness that allowed Anniedi to make the leaps in turning her health over the several months that we worked together. 

Though most of my private clients prefer to maintain their privacy and anonymity, I was deeply grateful that Anniedi felt comfortable sharing her journey personally. Watch the video below (I suggest with a box of tissues handy!) to learn what's possible when you're ready to support your body, be in your body, and experience your body through a trauma-informed, neurobiological approach.

The results that Anniedi experienced are quite typical for my private clients. But that's because by the time they're ready to work with me, they're completely ready to do things differently, let go of old paradigms, and try something new.

So let me ask you, are you ready?


To shift your body, to experience your body, and embrace the joy and peace that lies on the other side of our work together?

If yes, click the button below to apply to become a private client. Based on the season you're in, your budget, and your health and life circumstance, we'll match you with the most appropriate program for you.

Not yet ready for 1:1 support but want to dive deeper into the trauma-informed, neurobiological world of health?

Join us in the Inner Circle.

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