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Fertility Foundations

Partnering with you to build a strong foundation for  your health, healing, & health care
before your next pregnancy

Now's the time to proactively set up a strong foundation so your future doesn't replicate your past.

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Fertility Foundations is the personalized program taking a trauma-informed, integrative approach to proactively build a strong foundation for your overall health, somatic health, and health care before you're pregnantafter your preterm birth or late term loss.

You can still hear your medical team in your head like they were talking to you yesterday...

“There’s nothing more you can do about it.”​

“These things just happen.”


“It’s unlikely to happen again.”


"It was just a fluke.

Your medical team believed telling you this would bring you some reassurance - some relief - that next time will be different.


Instead, it makes you feel like a ticking time bomb, worried you’ll be the outlier case that gets hit by lightning twice.


(Hey, it’s not outrageous to worry about given that you have already been through things a small minority of women experience during pregnancy!)


But this doesn’t leave you feeling any more confident about your next pregnancy and in fact, makes you feel like you need to be even more involved and proactive about your health and health care before your next pregnancy.

You loathe the idea of leaving things up to chance next time, especially with a medical team that believes “we just don’t know” is a good enough answer to your questions.


So you've started doing all the things.

✓You're ready to start interviewing new OBs and MFMs to get a second opinion.

✓You're thinking of scheduling consultations with Naturopathic Doctors or Functional Medicine specialists to get a broader view on your health.

✓You’ve enhanced your diet, revved up your exercise routine, gone back to therapy, and even added in some mindfulness meditation because you’ve heard it helps.

But something feels like it’s missing.

Because no matter how much effort you’re putting in, every time you see the calendar and how close you are to your TTC date, or you see a pregnancy announcement on your social feed, it sends you right back down that spiral of anxiety.

What if the same complication happens again?

What if my doctors don’t listen to me again?

What if I miss the signs next time?

You feel the panic fill your body until you’re back to stress eating, yelling at your kids or partner for reasons you can’t even explain, and tossing and turning at night wondering if wanting more children is a horrible idea after everything you’ve been through.

This rollercoaster feels awful and you want off.

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You want a plan you can feel confident about.


You want to feel certain that everything you're trying is going to help you improve your health now. You want confirmation that you are not wasting time just throwing spaghetti at the wall, but are actually strengthening your health foundation to increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy after your preterm delivery or late term loss.

Woman & Doctor

You want a health care team you can trust.


You're not interested in another "wait and see" approach or working with a medical team that waves you off as "just anxious" again. You want to feel seen and understood by your care team who deeply support you to be proactive with your health and your prenatal care plan.

Young Confident Woman

You want to be rid of the gripping fear.


You want to feel ready, really ready, to get pregnant. You want to end the incessant what ifs, stop the obsessive research (because what if you miss something that was just published?) and trust that you and your body are ready to be pregnant again.

You want to be in charge of your health, healing and health care and do everything in your power to increase your chances that lightning doesn't strike twice.

Introducing Fertility Foundations

A personalized, integrative, trauma-informed program to help you establish a strong health, healing, and health care foundation before your next pregnancy after
preterm birth or late term loss.

Through Fertility Foundations we will optimize your...




If you want to know how to have a different experience in your next pregnancy, you have to start with understanding your body through a trauma-informed, neurobiological lens. You'll be amazed at how much we can uncover, how many answers we can find that help explain what may have happened before, what's happening in your body and health now, and how it impacts the plan for your future pregnancy. What this means: we'll work to improve the health issue that's likely most impactful or most closely connected with affecting your future fertility and pregnancy.



Our trauma-informed, body-based approach doesn't stop with just your health. We use that same lens to review exactly who is on your team, why they're there, who's missing, and how to rebuild your trust inside the medical system to reestablish trust with your care providers. From updating your care plan, to filling the gaps that led to your preterm birth or loss, trauma-informed medical decision-making support, and augmenting your present-day health care, you'll start building your entire team and prenatal care plan with appropriate neurobiological support. What this means: we'll review your previous pregnancy's health records, your future care plan, find the gaps, and help you rebuild your health care team taking a neurobiological approach to all of it.




The trauma from your preterm delivery or loss is in your body, altering your nervous system and other body systems, impacting the way you sit, stand, and move. By releasing this trauma from your body, you'll experience improved insomnia and chronic pain to improved hormone balance and reduced hypertension, and more. We will take what we’ve learned about your body and implement it into a supportive, healing, lifestyle, that will help you sustain the health benefits you’ve experienced every day. Daily consistency with these practices is the golden ticket to sustainable improved health that will support you to have a healthy high-risk pregnancy next time. What this means: we will review all the ways you can support nervous system health and start the process of neurobiological healing to improve your neuro-endo-immune health before you try to conceive.

Unlike fertility coaching that is focused primarily on getting you pregnant, Fertility Foundations is designed to enhance your health, healing, and health care to ensure that you have a solid foundation for a healthy pregnancy once you are pregnant.

This 6-month program includes


  • Two (2) hybrid 1:1 calls to review your personalized body-based practices, your health care plan, and answer any questions about. (These calls are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 2-3pm Pacific)

  • Two (2) 30-minute private Triage calls per month, to deepen your somatic (body-based) practices to optimize your health, healing, and health care, address any time-sensitive or complex questions, or provide extra support during a particularly difficult week.

  • Priority email access to answer quick questions and provide feedback about your health, healing. and health care practices so we can tweak them immediately, instead of you having to wait until your next call.

The separation of mind and body in our culture and medical care, leaves patients with “we don’t know” or similarly dissatisfactory answers from their medical team.


The biological truth is that many of those “we don’t know” situations can be answered by your nervous system and your body.


Without a body-based, trauma-informed approach, you’ll consistently be getting skewed, incomplete answers about what happened, what’s going on now, and what to expect going forward, from your medical team and your body.


Thankfully, this is my specialty. I live and breathe for this! 

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DIverse Friends

This is also why the program is tailored to you, because there’s no way what will work for someone else is guaranteed to work for you too. Your body, your history, your present health are all unique to you and your specific journey thus far.


It would do you a tremendous disservice to try and support you with an “in the box, this works for most people” solution when you’re talking about your future pregnancy and future baby. (You know this better than anyone after everything you’ve been through!)

Fertility Foundations is your next step if you...

Are done throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to figure out how to have a different experience in your next pregnancy

You are actively seeking a deeply personalized service to guide you through your preconception journey until pregnancy.

Know you want to try to get pregnant again but are not ready or medically able to get pregnant for at least 4 months OR are experiencing secondary infertility.

Believe that your previous trauma and/or chronic stress is impacting your current health, and you want to address this before you get pregnant again.

Are determined to build your village to help you improve your health before and during pregnancy.

Are a proactive person who wants to leave nothing to chance before your next pregnancy.

Highly value deeply personalized solutions over DIY or standardized approaches to health and healing.

Are ready to try body-based approaches to shifting your physiology and improving your overall health.

  • I don't have a high-risk pregnancy but I am very anxious during this pregnancy? Can I still take your course?
    Yes absolutely! While women who are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, pregnancy after loss, pregnancy after infertility or pregnancy after prematurity are at higher risk for anxiety, stress and depression during pregnancy, you will definitely benefit from the course even if you have a low-risk pregnancy and are feeling anxious.
  • I've already tried a bunch of mindfulness apps. How is this any different?
    Most of these mindfulness apps miss a critical piece of the puzzle, which the concept of safety. If the apps haven't taught you how to move through fight/flight/freeze and come back to a feeling of safety in your body, that's likely why they haven't been as helpful as you'd hoped. The Pregnancy Brain Course is your introductory course to helping you feel safe again so you feel less anxious and improve the health of your pregnancy.
  • I already have Pregnancy Brain your book. How is this any different?
    The book is not a replacement for the course. There is a difference between reading about what's possible and processing it intellectually, and actually experiencing the impact of improved nervous system health and stress/anxiety release. Additionally, there are tools, techniques and additional content in the course that are not in the book. If you've read the book and are left wondering, "Now what?" or "How do I stay on track with this to actually see results?" then this course will be perfect for you.
  • Is this the only resource I need to release stress during my pregnancy?
    The Pregnancy Brain Course is a great foundational step to lay the groundwork to experience less anxiety, lowered stress, and improved mood if you don't currently have pregnancy complications. If you do have pregnancy complications and/or are looking for personalized support, you will want to join my private 1:1 program, Path to Baby.
  • Is this program going to teach me how to heal my past trauma and losses?
    No, and there's a reason for that! Deep healing work should be done in a way that is very specific to your body and your health during pregnancy. The delicate balance that your body keeps between your nervous system, endocrine system and immune suystem to maintain a healthy pregnancy can be easily altered with deep healing work if the tools and strategies you use are not tailored to your specific body. The Pregnancy Brain Course is designed specifically to help you feel safe during pregnancy - to give your body the necessary and frequent rest and reprieve from the anxiety of your pregnancy. If you find that your pregnancy is triggering trauma from your previous high-risk pregnancy, I highly recommend the Path to Baby program for you instead, which is personalized to your body, and your health.
  • Will there be new content every day for 6 months?
    Oh no! That is far too much new material to try all at once. The course is designed intentioanlly with pre-determined rest days, catch up days and breaks so that you do not overload your system. Progress is seen in these days of rest and in the repetition of the techniques you'll learn.
  • How long does this course go for?
    This is a self-paced course and you will receive emails every day for 24 days. Then you will receive 5 extra months to access the materials. You will have access to the course material for a total of 6 months.
  • How much time is this going to take?
    The exercises themselves don't take more than 15 minutes at a time. You'll be encouraged to do them multiple times per day, but most are simple enough that you can do them almost anywhere. You'll receive emails every day for 24 days about this course and you will have access to the course materials for 6 months.
  • Can I talk to Parijat during this course?
    This is a self-paced, virtual course that does not include a live component. If you'd like more personalized support, please review the Path to Baby program.

When my baby was born prematurely, I didn't know where to turn for support and understanding. Parijat has been one of my biggest supporters since my 23 weeker came home from the NICU. I am grateful for her compassion, knowledge and understanding.


- Andrea

The combination of personalized attention that I know is just for me and the community Parijat has built of women who are just like me is unlike anything else. I highly recommend working with Parijat when you're preparing for and going through a high-risk pregnancy.


- Julia

Parijat presents various avenues of self-study, body work, and healing. The focus on paying attention to your body in order to release grief, anxiety, despair, and other negative emotions is unlike anything I would have expected or have experienced. This is far different (and better) than just talking to therapist.


- Sonal

"Parijat is such an amazing resource!"

- Dr. Lora Shahine, fertility specialist and recurrent pregnancy loss expert

"Parijat is a tremendous resource for my patients and all of my patients appreciate her approach."


- Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, reproductive endocrinologist and creator of the Egg Whisperer Show

If you're here, I know that means you're a proactive person, who's sick of just hoping things will get better.


You want to do things that will actually help your body get pregnant and stay pregnant.


And I know that there is so much you can be doing right now that can set the foundation for a healthy pregnancy when you are ready to try to conceive again.

With a personalized approach to optimizing your health and healthcare, you can begin to stack the deck in your favor for your next pregnancy even before you're ready to try to conceive.

Fertility Foundations is a high four-figure investment into your overall health, somatic health, and health care preparation.

Ready to get started?



Click the button below to send us your information. We'll send you your New Client Agreement Form and invoice. 

Let's get started on optimizing your Health, Healing, and Health Care so you can be ready for your next pregnancy!

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