to guide you on your family-building journey

What to ask your doctor after failed cycles, loss, a high-risk pregnancy and preterm delivery, as well as what to ask during your preconception appointment. A free guide on how to stay on top of your medical care - so you can prevent medical errors and be on the same page as your doctor as you build the family of your dreams. Download here

The NICU can be overwhelming. The constant beeps, the unknowns, the fear of what your baby is going through. Now more than ever it's essential that you are deeply involved with your medical team. Here are 40 questions every new parent in the NICU must ask their baby's doctor so you can take the place as the leader of your baby's care team. Download here

The most common postpartum complication and yet the one least discussed: postpartum anxiety. If you're feeling anxious, unsettled and worrying about your baby, grab this free guide on how to find calm quickly so you can focus on your responsibilities and enjoy the special moments with your  baby that you fought hard for. Download here

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