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with Parijat Deshpande

Strategic Intensives

So, you're on a complicated family-building journey, and you want a plan, personalized to you, your history, and what may lie ahead.


You're not looking for accountability or ongoing guidance, but you are looking for some clarity, information, and a plan that you can execute on your own. 

You'll walk away from each intensive with clarity, confidence, and a lived experience that you are in charge of your family-building journey.

You'll walk away with hope of how much is truly possible despite all the hurdles you face on your complex journey.

Below are the intensive currently available. Choose the right one for you!

Filling the gap.png

Filling the Gap Intensive:

Updating Your Prenatal & Pregnancy Health Care Plan With

The Things You Didn't Know You Needed To Know


Too often when I'm reviewing my client's history with them, we find gaping holes in their knowledge, awareness, and the information they were presented.


Sometimes it was because their providers didn't think they needed to know.


Sometimes it was because it was information the providers themselves didn't know.


Trauma-informed health education fills in the gaps that the medical system leaves, offers answers where there are questions, and offers empowerment to patients when they feel they're at the mercy of a "let's hope for the best" strategy.


1. Personalized review of all of your health history by me personally.

2. One 90 minute call (yes your partner can be present if they're available) to review my recommendations on where and how to fill the gaps including but not limited to:

* what questions to ask your medical team about your past, your present, and your future health, when to ask to get the most accurate info and how to ask without being waved off as an anxious patient.

* personalized health education from a trauma-informed lens to offer clarity where there is confusion about your past, present, and future health care plans.

* recommendations to trusted referrals to strategically, intentionally build out your health care team


3. 1 week email Q&A after our call for any follow up questions after our conversation



  • You're TTC or currently pregnant

  • You've had a complicated history in the past (loss(es), preterm birth, pregnancy complications, infertility, etc.)

  • You have a healthy level of skepticism about the medical system (especially if you live in the US)

  • You refuse to go into your next pregnancy with blindspots or with a "hope for the best" strategy

  • You're determined to make sure your health care strategy is tight as it can possibly be at this stage of the process.

Moving Forward:

Clarifying Your Next Steps On Your Complicated Family-Building Journey


Now more than ever, my private clients are sharing that their medical teams are leaving many decisions up to them.


And while the questions may seem simple to your loved ones, you know each question is filled with nuances, details, and complexities very few people understand.


Do we keep trying naturally or do we jump to fertility treatments?

Do we do IUI next or jump to IVF?

Do we IVF with our eggs/sperm/embryos or donor eggs/sperm/embryos?

Do we do IVF or surrogacy?

When should we stop TTC?

And on and on and on....


1) Personalized review of all of your health history & current health istuation, plus the choices that you have available to you right now.

2) One 90 minute call (yes your partner can be present if they're available) to review my recommendations on

* how to make these decisions from a place of clarity and confidence (including questions that still need to be asked to your healthcare team or second opinion providers)

*personalized health education that will aid with decision making


*a review of the statistics you've been given and how they apply and what they mean for you

*recommendations to trusted referrals/agencies/clinics for your next steps, including a personal introduction

preparation for your first appointment/consultation with your next-steps provider/agency.

3) 1 week email Q&A after our call for any follow up questions after our conversation


  • You've had a complicated health history (e.g. loss(es), preterm birth, pregnancy complications, infertility, cancer, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, etc.)

  • You know that growing your family is complicated.

  • You have lots of questions about what to do next and know that there are more answers that can be added to the answers you've received from your medical provider(s).

  • You're a decisive, thoughtful, intelligent person, but want to do your due diligence and receive guidance as you make complex medical decisions.

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