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The Busy Mom's Guide to Managing Your

High-Risk Pregnancy

A resource to answer your most pressing questions
Less Googling and more confidence for a healthier pregnancy

You'd rather stay up late pinning nursery ideas. Instead you can't sleep because you're so worried about your baby.


Does this sound like you? 

  • You want to roll your eyes at every single pregnancy book out there because they have no information for women like you who have pregnancy complications and are worried about their baby.

  • You hate that people tell you to "just be grateful it's not..." and you wish someone could just tell you what's going on.

  • You're sick of searching online because of the horror stories that freak you out even more than you already are. 

  • You cry frequently out of fear, overwhelm and loneliness and you wish there was someone who how awful it feels to not know what could happen to your baby.


You used to be able to juggle mutiple balls at the same time. Now it feels like they're all falling down around you. 

You're not alone.

Between managing your appointments, worrying that your baby will come early and trying to balance the rest of your life you don't have time or the mental capacity to search online to understand how to manage your pregnancy. 


You just want everything to be ok.


This guide has the answers to the questions that are keeping you up at night all in one place, all tailored specifically to moms like you who have a high-risk pregnancy. 


From a definition of most commonly used acronymns during a high-risk pregnancy to what to expect in the NICU and everything in between. 


No more turning to Google or internet forums to find generic pregnancy information or scary stories. 


For FREE instant access to the Busy Mom's Guide to Managing Your High-Risk Pregnancy enter your name and email address below. 


By grabbing your copy of the checklist, you'll also receive access to my Community of Hope, a safe place to meet other moms like you who are dedicated to prioritizing stress management during their pregnancy.

Less Googling and more confidence for a healthier pregnancy


Less Googling and more confidence for a healthier pregnancy
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