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Path to Baby™️

Partnering with you for a healthy pregnancy after second or third trimester loss or prematurity.

It's time to stack the deck in your favor.

Pregnant belly

The Path to Baby™️ program is the exclusive integrative health program that partners with you to reduce your risk of pregnancy complications and preterm delivery so you can enjoy
your next pregnancy after second or third trimester loss or preterm delivery.

You know excellent medical care is

essential but not sufficient for a healthy pregnancy.

An integrative approach to pregnancy health and prenatal care is essential to having a different experience next time.


Trying to conceive and being pregnant after prematurity or second or third trimester loss is not simple.

You have complex decisions to make with imperfect information and data. Plus, you have the visceral memories of what could go wrong at any time of the pregnancy.

The naivete of a carefree pregnancy is nonexistent, yet you refuse to experience your next pregnancy filled with fear every step of the way.

This is why the Path to Baby™️ program is based on physiology and science, and is designed to be individualized to your history, your health, and your pregnancy.

With a somatic, trauma-informed approach to pregnancy health and prenatal health care, you can beat medical odds.

"I credit Parijat with helping me keep my baby inside of me as long as possible (overdue in fact!) and teaching me to manage my body and feelings during a really difficult time."

— Rima

delivered at 41 weeks after two high-risk pregnancies & preterm delivery




Joy without waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Imagine the steadiness of coming off of the anxiety rollercoaster. Instead of anxiety relief for a few moments or hours, you have a sense of calm no matter what lies ahead (even if it is uncertain). 

This steady tranquility is made possible by uniquely personalized approaches to restoring balance between your nervous, immune and endocrine systems, deep at the body level. By creating these physiological shifts, you cultivate optimal biological functioning during pregnancy, enabling you to influence your pregancy outcomes, while also creating calm and to enjoy your pregnancy.

Without fear stealing your joy this time around, imagine how different you will feel as you progress from one month to the next knowing you're also supporting your body to have a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink
Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman


In your body, in your care team, in your future.

No more panic with pregnancy twinges and pulls. No more worry about whether your doctor is actually listening to you. Trusting your body and the normal sensations of pregnancy, rebuilding your faith in your medical care, being trusted as the patient: these are the powerful experiences you will have through the Path to Baby™️ program.


Restoring balance to the neuro-endo-immune systems allows for you to feel safe in your body, in medical settings, and during labor and delivery without triggering your past traumas and losses. I personally curate research and provide targeted appointment preparation for you, so your medical team is trained to see you as an informed and empowered patient, not someone who needs to "just relax". This means rebuilding your trust that has eroded from your previous experienes and reducing your risk of medical errors next time.



Professional expertise in your corner.

You know that full body sigh, occasionally accompanied by some tears, as you feel the elephant lifted from your chest for the first time in years? Imagine feeling that way throughout your pregnancy after loss or prematurity.


Partnering together through your pregnancy means you have access to expert guidance on how to navigate the gaps of the medical system. You will receive personalized answers to your questions about your health and healthcare to ensure no aspects of your medical care fall through the cracks. This means you spend less time Googling and have more time and energy for what actually matters to you: making healthy meals, spending quality time with your partner, or renovating your home before the baby comes.


Without needing to be on high alert, you can finally allow yourself to rest and be fully present for the monumental milestones of your pregnancy.

Newborn Baby with Mom

Through the Path to Baby™️ program, you receive the benefits of
concierge-syle, personalized, integrative support for a healthy pregnancy after loss or prematurity...

...without toxic positivity and the passivity of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Combining the restoration of neuro-endo-immune balance throughout your pregnancy with meticulous navigation through the medical system, you can

  • Reduce your risk of pregnancy complications, preterm delivery, and preventable medical errors.

  • Release body memories triggered by normal sensations of pregnancy so you can feel safe being pregnant and enjoy your pregnancy without waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  • Reinforce your health and trust in your medical care so you can rest assured you're doing everything you can for the best possible outcome.

Woman getting ultrasound

​Previous Path to Baby™️ clients have...

  • Prevented preeclampsia after a history and high-risk of developing it in the next pregnancy

  • Ended insomnia within an average of 4 days without requiring supplements or medication

  • Improved blood pressure readings at the doctor's office within 3 weeks despite history of hypertensive disorders

  • Reduced preterm contractions at home without needing unnecessary hospital stays

  • Relieved physical pain within 2-3 weeks

  • Stopped panic episodes on average within 2-3 days

  • Consistently stayed pregnant longer than their medical providers told them was possible

dad and newborn.jpg

I was really struggling and felt very alone. I felt like Parijat really understood me. She gave me very personalized strategies. Because of that, my sleep improved and I experienced quick dilation during labor and a virtually complication free pregnancy.

—  Ana 

delivered at 40 weeks after infertility, miscarriage, and second trimester loss

My doctor recommended her and thank GOD because her methodology really works. No one was talking to me about my body even though my body was what was bearing the brunt of the trauma.​​​


—  Lauren

delivered at 37 weeks after second trimester loss

If you're going to be a high-risk pregnancy, I definitely recommend you work with Parijat because so often doctors don't understand your experience. My favorite part of the program was how swiftly and accurately Parijat would create lists of questions to ask my doctor. They were always questions I never thought to ask. My OB finally started taking me seriously.​​​


—  Nina

delivered at 37 weeks after preterm birth


How the Path to Baby™️ program works

From the moment you're ready to try to conceive until 4 weeks after your baby comes home, you receive exclusive access to...

  • Customized health and healthcare strategic plans, adjusted with precision throughout your pregnancy to improve your pregnancy outcomes.

  • Done-for-you pregnancy research and personalized referrals to save you time from falling down the internet rabbit hole.

  • Curated guidance through medical systems worldwide so you get more answers out of each doctor’s visit so you leave each appointment feeling confident about your healthcare and validated by your care team.

  • Trauma-informed expertise through regular video calls to discuss any complex or time-sensitive concerns regarding your neuro-endo-immune balance or prenatal care plan.

  • Priority email support to address any questions and concerns between calls so you experience faster results.

The 5 Phases of Path to Baby™️

Phase 1


1-6 months

  • Somatic practices to address chronic/traumatic stress-induced health complications that may affect future pregnancies.


  • Fill gaps in your prenatal care plan to reduce risk of medical errors.

  • Shift body to release trapped survival stress in preparation for future pregnancy.


  • Integrative, neurobiological, trauma-informed approaches through fertility treatments and the two week wait.


  • Celebrate your positive pregnancy test!

Phase 2

From positive pregnancy test to 13 weeks

  • Continue to access your body and turn off somatic alarms when nausea hits.

  • Proactively address triggers through somatic and neurobiological techniques.

  • Build capacity for experiencing pregnancy sensations without fear.

  • Prepare for your final fertility specialist appointments, review ultrasounds and bloodwork results and prepare for your first prenatal care appointments. All to prevent medical errors and support a warm handoff to your new care team.

Phase 3

Second trimester
(13 weeks to 27 weeks)

  • Somatic release to preemptively prepare for triggers and upcoming milestones.

  • Manage any pre-existing health complications to prevent them from impacting pregnancy health.

  • Review tests, bloodwork, prepare for appointments, and keep a close eye on the healthcare plan to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Practice body regulation including BP management, pain management, sleep, etc. to ensure your body is well supported.

Phase 4

Third trimester
(28 weeks to birth)

  • Adjust somatic work to accommodate the sympathetic activation that's expected at this point of the pregnancy to prevent triggers.

  • Pre-appointment prep and post-appointment wrap up to ensure full transparency between you and your providers.

  • Apply somatic work from Phases 1-3 to your Trauma Proofing Your Birth™️ Plan.

  • Prepare for physiological labor & birth and begin preparing for early postpartum period

  • Celebrate your birth announcement!

Phase 5

Until 4 weeks after baby's homecoming

  • Process your birth story from a trauma-informed, somatic approach.

  • Integrate all of the pre-pregnancy and pregnancy work you've done with news sensory anchors.

  • Honoring the baby in your arms while also honoring the experiences you've had to get here.

  • Health education and trauma-informed support if baby has medical needs or needs NICU time.

  • We celebrate you and your family!

If you’re thinking of joining the Path to Baby™️ program, Parijat will keep you sane; with her, you will find your safe place to get pregnant, stay pregnant and navigate through whatever challenges come along.​​​


—  Anneke 

delivered at 36 weeks after losses and early preterm birth

pregnant brown dress.jpg

When I found Parijat, it was like finding a piece that I didn't even know was missing. I've never felt so understood in my entire life. She just gets it better than anyone I've ever spoke with or worked with. She is so passionate about what she does and is so good at it. I'll be forever grateful to her.


—  Karina 

delivered at 39 weeks after infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, and preterm delivery

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You can create the pregnancy and birth experience you missed out on last time. 


Our conciege-style, exclusive Path to Baby™️ program and integrative, trauma-informed approach can guide you to a healthy high-risk pregnancy after prematurity and second or third trimester loss.


Click the button below to apply to become a Path to Baby™️ client.

Path to Baby™️ is a 5 figure investment.

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