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working together to improve

pregnancy and fetal outcomes


Why Partner With Us?

We are a premier, global company dedicated specifically to improving outcomes of high-risk pregnancies and preterm delivery from a whole health,
trauma-informed, neurobiological
approach. With products and services designed specifically for people on a complex family-building journey, partnering with us can help you support your clients, patients, and customers in a way no one else is.


Cherokee Women's Health
Dr. Aimee Eyvzzadeh
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
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How do you partner with companies?

We have found the most successful partnerships are those that are curated and personalized to fit the needs of your company, your customers/clients/patients, and your vision merged with our specialty in high-risk pregnancies and prematurity and our expertise in trauma-informed, neurobiological approaches to reproductive health. This is why, we love talking with you first. So you can share your ideas, your needs, and together, we can create a solution that is going to be most impactful for your goals.

That said, here are a few ways we've partnered with other organizations and companies already:


(pronounced SAA-huh-see)

Fertility and pregnancy anxiety is at an all time high, the mental health system is overloaded and backed up, parents are burned out, and clinics and are short-staffed. Let the Saahasi™️ Collection (filled with guided body-based practices) offer your customers, patients, or employees the soothing relief they need when they need it.

  • Reduced anxiety in the waiting room means they're calmer and better able to retain information when they meet you in the exam room. 

  • Calmer patients mean more accurate blood pressure readings, less medical trauma of re-taking readings, and less anxiety-riddled callbacks to your office.

  • A more confident customer means improved user experience of products and reduced complaints to customer service reps.

  • A well-supported employee means better employee satisfaction  and retention rate for your company.

Saahasi™️ (pronounced SAA-huh-see) means brave, something your patients, clients, and employees are having to be day in and day out to bring a new life into this world despite being on a complicated path. Offering the Saahasi™️ Collection shows your patients and customers that you're dedicated to a trauma-informed, evidence-based approach to anxiety reduction beyond the outdated modalities of referring to outdated thought-based modalities.

It shows your commitment to your patients' and customers' whole health and an improved experience with your product or service.

Perfect for medical clinics, doula and midwifery agencies, medical device companies selling perinatal remote monitoring devices (e.g. blood pressure cuffs, pulse ox monitors, infant or fetal monitors, etc.), and progressive corporations and brands.

It's not just another meditation app. The Saahasi™️ Collection is a curated audio library specifically for people who are on a complicated family-building journey and deserve soothing and relief throughout their day.


Available only for professional license at this time.



Pregnancy Brain is the first book of its kind to focus entirely on high-risk pregnancy, and offer an empowering message of hope for pregnant women and people who are fighting to bring their baby home.

From personal stories of Parijat's experience as a high-risk patient, to client stories of hope, backed my science, Pregnancy Brain has been lauded and recommended by perinatal nonprofits, OBGYNs, MFMs, doulas, midwives, labor and delivery nurses, and patients from around the world.

  • Make the book easily accessible to your patients by stocking your patient library or selling the book at your office or clinic.

  • Bundle Pregnancy Brain with your pregnancy-related product to offer added support to your high-risk customers.

  • Host a book club and invite Parijat to speak or offer a Q&A with your members.

  • Offer Pregnancy Brain as a part of your swag bag for your event.


The options are limitless! Tell us what would be most beneficial for you.


As our medical system, education system, and company structures are being tested by the demands of an ongoing pandemic, nevermore has there been a need to clarify the impact of chronic and traumatic stress on health, life, relationships and productivity.

The goal of these fireside chats is to make topics around chronic/traumatic stress & health, infertility, high-risk pregnancy, prematurity, and loss more accessible, relatable, and non-threatening.

Great impact can be made through the informational, conversational tone of a fireside chat, and we'd be thrilled to bring one of our chats to your patients, clients, customers, employees or practitioners.




TV and film are two of the most influential industries of our society.


From breaking stigmatized barriers, like Ellen and Will and Grace, to influencing lawyers and policy makers like, The Wire, TV and film are essential to advancing culture, technology, and public policy through accurate representation.


This representation also includes accurately representing pregnancy, birth, prematurity, and birth trauma.


As the medical system is breaking due to inherent systemic biases and the pressures of the pandemic, now more than ever, accurate representation of pregnancy and birth complications is essential. 

We partner with TV and film makers to

  • consult on pregnancy and birth related character development and story lines.

  • do interviews for documentaries related to high-risk pregnancy, prematurity, NICU, and birth trauma.

  • co-create projects to accurately depict the maternal mortality and preterm birth crisis in the United States.

Have another idea on how we can partner together?

We'd love to hear it!



Parijat Deshpande is on a mission to end prematurity and support healthy pregnancies to prevent babies from being born too soon. Her personal health journey through a high-risk pregnancy and professional expertise in clinical psychology and psychoneuroimmunology inform her design of human-centered, trauma informed and evidence-based approaches to transforming patient experiences.

She has partnered and collaborated with a variety of companies, organizations, and brands including Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Dear NICU Mama, and Sisters in Loss, among others.

Parijat Deshpande is also the best selling author of Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy. 

She is a former infertility patient, loss parent, NICU parent, and the mom to two rainbow babies.

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