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Your pregnancy is not the blissfully happy experience you had hoped it would be.

You're worried about what could happen to you or your baby during your high-risk pregnancy and are looking for some relief that’s beyond the generic advice of typical pregnancy books.


If you are…

  • Pregnant after fertility treatment and worried about whether you can carry this pregnancy safely

  • Lonely, scared and worried on bed rest, either at home or in the hospital

  • Have a pregnancy complication such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, subchorionic hemorrhage, incompetent cervix, etc.

… and you need a little bit of support to get through those anxiety-filled days, the Perinatal Wellness Toolbox is your go-to resource.

You are not alone.

I’ve been where you are.

I know how awful it is to get through a high-risk pregnancy when it’s so uncertain what could happen to you or your baby. After experiencing 8 complications during one pregnancy and 16 weeks of bed rest at home and 2 weeks of strict bed rest in the hospital, I know first-hand what an emotional toll the what ifs can take on you day in and day out.

This is why I created the Perinatal Wellness Toolbox - the leading resource specifically for women who are facing a high-risk pregnancy so you don’t have to navigate the ups and downs by trying to apply generic pregnancy advice to your unique high-risk pregnancy.

From audio lessons teaching you how to trust your body so you always know when to call the doctor, to guides helping you prepare for a NICU stay, to reflective exercises guiding you to lower your stress for a healthier pregnancy, the Perinatal Wellness Toolbox is designed to help you have a safer pregnancy so you can give your baby a healthy start to life. 

Here's what other moms are saying....


The Perinatal Wellness Toolbox is a thoughtful and useful resource for all expecting moms. Parijat has put together a helpful guide, which includes everything from feeling more empowered and productive in your doctors appointment, stress reducing exercises, as well as places to find support. Every expecting mom will find something beneficial in this toolbox.

Marian | California


I loved the Perinatal Wellness Toolbox. It was really helpful to see how many easy and practical ways there are to reduce stress. Without even realizing it, I think about some of those tips almost daily. When I make a point to do these things more, I notice myself feeling better!

Heather | California


I never realized just how stressed and worried I was until I saw the solutions that Parijat provided. It was like she knew what I was feeling before I did. I also never would have thought that such easy things would make such a huge impact. It was great to get this information from someone who's actually used it herself and been through it herself. The Trust Your Body Exercise is my favorite. It helped me feel confident every time I worried if I should call the doctor. If you're pregnant and stressing out, this toolbox is a must.


Lisa  |  California

Ready to get through your pregnancy with less anxiety and more hope?

Perinatal Wellness Toolbox



With the right information and support you can have a healthier pregnancy and baby despite your complications.

You’ll also be receive weekly tips and motivation to reduce your stress and anxiety. You can unsubscribe any time. 

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