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What's Missing in Your Plan for a Healthy Pregnancy After Loss or Preterm Birth

"What am I missing?"

You know you want to TTC. You know your partner is ready.

But your Type A, loves-to-plan brain is replaying your previous pregnancy in your head...for the 2937th time.

Why didn't I speak up louder?

What did they mean by borderline?

What could I have done differently?

What did we miss?

You compare it to the plan your MFM laid out for you in your preconception appointment. And more questions arise...

Is this enough?

Will they something else goes wrong?

Are we prepared?

Are we missing something?

That last question presses on the pit in your stomach, because you know you have been missing something. But what?

You've tried therapy.

You have an OB you love.

You have (or will soon have) an MFM you trust

You have an ND, an acupuncturist, a dietician...other medical specialists who are supporting you in all the ways you can think of.

You know you'll be hiring your doula again.

But it all still feels incomplete. What's missing?

That question keeps you up at night, keeps you from feeling totally ready to TTC each month, keeps you in that fear state that you know isn't good for you or your future pregnancy.

What's missing?

It's a trauma-informed approach to health, healing, and health care during your pregnancy.

Most people, when they hear "trauma" think mental health.

But a trauma-informed approach goes far beyond mental health.

A trauma-informed approach understands that..

  • the state of your nervous system impacts the state of all other body systems (including your reproductive system)

  • you cannot think or talk your way out of chronic/traumatic stress

  • resolving medical trauma will allow you to lead your medical team confidently, reducing your risk of medical errors

  • every single health complication (side eye to that new autoimmune disease, chronic pain flareup, or digestive trouble) that has arisen since your late term loss or preterm birth is tied to the dysregulation of your neuro-endo-immune triad.

  • a healthy pregnancy, and reducing your risk of pregnancy complications in your next pregnancy, requires neuro-endo-immune support

  • oving you into a physiological state of safety, and then altering the support to be appropriate for the changing physiology of pregnancy is the missing link in your prenatal care plan.

This is a fancy way of saying that your inkling that something's missing is spot on. Because the plan, so far, is like making nautical plans based on the tip of the glacier you see above the waterline

A trauma-informed approach to your pregnancy will add in the missing factors that are based on the parts of the glacier we see under the waterline.

You're right, something is missing. And when you add in this layer of a trauma-informed approach to your pregnancy, that is when you set yourself up to beat medical odds.

If there's one thing I know that's in common with my Path to Baby™️ clients, it's that they're done throwing spaghetti at the wall by addressing only what's above that waterline!

They know to have a healthy pregnancy after loss or preterm birth requires an integrative approach (meaning putting it all together and looking at the whole picture).

They know that the whole picture means we have to include the state of their body after their traumatic loss or birth trauma & how it's impacting their current health as well as their risk factors for pregnancy complications in their future high-risk pregnancy.

They're so clear on this, that when learn about Path to Baby™️, it's like the answer they've been searching for, for months or years!

And if it is for you too, apply here .

Path to Baby program is about deeply personalized, curated support based on your history, your health, and your future pregnancy to help you have the experience in your next pregnancy that you didn't have last time.

Ready to fill that gap that's been keeping you up for weeks, months, or years in a way that's tailored specifically to you? Apply here and let's talk about how I can support you to smooth out your path to your next baby.


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