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Always waiting for the other shoe to drop?

You've had a long, hard road trying to build your family.

Heal your body from the wounds of infertility, loss(es), pregnancy complications, preterm birth and birth trauma and finally stop living in fear

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried all.the.things to help with your anxiety, fears and worries (yoga, deep breathing, meditation, therapy) but the calming effects just don’t stick and you're sick of it.

You’re sick of always feeling afraid, waiting for something horrible to happen, and you’re ready to be free from that fear so you can finally feel real joy again.

You no longer enjoy life, even though you smile. You're not present for special moments even though you're physically there. You yell more than you ever used to. You've become someone your partner doesn't recognize anymore.

You've developed a new chronic illness or autoimmune disease on top of everything else you've been through, leaving you doubting if your body is capable of doing anything right.

Pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, pregnant bellies - the triggers are everywhere and sends you spiraling down a dark hole that you worked so hard to climb out ofand you do not want to live like this anymore.

You blame your body for everything you've been through, feeling a deep sense of betrayal that it couldn't take care of you and your baby/babies. 

If this resonates and you’re determined to restore your health and wellness...

If you're ready to feel at peace on your family-building journey no matter what lies ahead...’re absolutely in the right place!





You’ve experienced the soul-shattering moments of losing life. It takes your breath away, making it impossible to sleep, eat, be in the world without seeing pregnant bellies and babies everywhere. 

You’ve waited in sheer terror as life hung in the balance, not knowing what would happen.

You’ve watched your baby fight for his/her life, never realizing just how fragile and strong the human body can be. 


You've been living in survival mode for weeks, months or years, and your body is showing you in so many ways that it's time to stop, slow down, and heal.

You've realized this is not going to get better on its own.

You’ve probably heard from well-meaning loved ones and even professionals that you’re being too negative, you need to focus on the positive. Let the past stay in the past and look forward.


But you and I both know that’s not enough!


You’re not making a big deal out of nothing. You’re not being pessimistic or negative. You’re not crazy.

Your thoughts are not the problem.


After everything you've been through to grow your family,

you no longer feel safe in your body.


Unfortunately, our system leaves a significant gap in the care for women like you who you are navigating a complicated family-building journey. 

Your OB, naturopath& dietician

specialize in managing the physical aspects of your reproductive health through ultrasounds, bloodwork, exams and medical treatment

Your therapist, life coach & doula

specialize in helping you cope emotionally with the ups and downs, and help you process what you’ve been through. 

Your acupuncturist & meditation apps

specialize in immediate relaxation when you’re feeling anxious or worried

These are important pieces of the your health and wellness puzzle.


However, there is one missing piece that's critical to helping you
reclaim your health and truly heal:

No one is teaching you how to feel safe in your body again
after everything you've already been through.


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When we don't feel safe in our bodies, our nervous system is dysregulated (meaning it doesn't function optimally), creating sensations and experiences we call anxiety or stress.


A dysregulated nervous system alters our endocrine (hormonal) system and
immune system, which affects our ability to get and stay pregnant, heal and recover postpartum. It also sets the stage for chronic illness and autoimmune diseases.

This explains why...


... you feel like "something is wrong" even though all of your blood work comes back in the normal range.

... you feel better after a call or appointment with your doctor, but you still find yourself Googling furiously in the middle of the night when you're certain something is going wrong.

... you're reassured after a late night call to your pediatrician but wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, convinced your baby has stopped breathing.

... you feel calmer after a therapy or coaching session, only to find yourself feeling panicky when you feel the twinges of your period coming. 

... you feel relaxed after an acupuncture appointment or doing a meditation, yet your migraines or stomach aches return several hours or days later.

... you still don't feel like yourself even though your fertility treatments, pregnancies, or birth traumas were 5 or 15 years ago.

Our work together completes your health care puzzle.

By learning the cutting-edge neurobiological techniques I teach, you will be able to:

  1. Reset your nervous system so you can feel safe in your body again .

  2. Manage, improve or heal chronic illness, chronic pain, or autoimmune diseases by restoring balance to your body systems.

  3. Replace fear and anxiety with peace, confidence, and hope.

  4. Protect yourself from triggers so you can get off the highs and lows roller coaster and feel more in control of your internal state.

  5. Experience joy without waiting for the anvil to come crashing down anytime there is good news.

You are not broken. You are not weak. You are not a pessimist. 

You have survived.




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How to Work With Me

Healing Hearts Program

A powerful ​body-based group program teaching you how to reset your nervous system, and release grief and trauma from your body after complications on your family-building journey, so you can heal, feel at peace and reclaim your health and your life. This program is for anyone who has experienced fertility trauma, pregnancy trauma or birth trauma, no matter how long ago.

Click here to learn more and join

Stress & Trauma Health Workshop

A 90-minute workshop on how the stress and trauma from infertility, loss(es), a high-risk pregnancy, preterm delivery or birth trauma can impact the many systems of your health. You will learn specific techniques designed to improve or eradicate trauma and stress-induced health complications.

Click here to register for the workshop

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