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You're feeling run-down, overwhelmed or exhausted.

You feel your life is out of balance.

You can't seem to keep up with your never-ending to-do list.


It doesn't always have to be this way and I am here to help you!


Through my stress-busting programs, I can help you learn how to lower your stress levels, feel less overwhelmed and feel like you are back in control of your life.


For more information about my stress management programs, please contact me!


Re-Energize Yourself: Moving from Overwhelm to Happiness


Have you been stressed for a long time and are tired of how awful you feel?

Do you notice that being stressed is taking a toll on other parts of your life like your sleep, your job or your relationships?

Do you have a health condition that is caused by or worsened by stress?


Now is the time to make the changes you've wanted to re-energize yourself and feel better!


Through the Re-Energize Yourself program, I will provide you with compassionate support and teach you how to take control of your life so you can live more happily and with better health.


By joining this program you will:


  • Learn your individual stress patterns including triggers and reactions.

  • Improve your stress-related health symptoms.

  • Increase your confidence and lower your anxiety.

  • Learn to live a more balanced lifestyle.

  • Find more peace in your life.


This is a 6-month program and includes:


[3] In person/Phone sessions per month (50 minutes)

[1] Initial 90-minute session including

  • Stress assessment

  • Strengths analysis

  • Individualized vision plan

[5] "I'm really stressed and I need help!" phone calls per month (15 minutes)

Unlimited email support


Break Through The Stress


Were you recently diagnosed with a health condition?

Are you going through a major life transition?

Have you been able to manage your stress well up until this point but now you feel like your stress is getting out of your control?


If yes, this program is right for you! The Break Through the Stress program is ideal for people who want short-term support to get through a stressful situation.


Through this package you will:


  • Identify how your body responds to stress.

  • Learn skills and tools to handle stress in a healthier manner.

  • Lower anxiety.


This is a 3-month program and includes


[2] In person/Phone sessions per month (50 minutes)

Unlimited email support


Snap Out of Stress Power Session


Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night unable to shut your brain off? Do you feel burned out? Do you appear under control on the outside but inside you feel like you could have a meltdown at any second? Do you just want to snap out of it?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, this session is perfect for you. By signing up for the Snap Out of Stress Power Session, you will have a one-hour, solution-focused session with me to so we can replace the overwhelm brain fog with a clear thinking.


In this one-time 60 minute session, you can expect a fast-paced laser-focused approach to transforming you from being frozen in stress to confident in taking action. After this session you will:


  • Be able to identify which elements of your situation are in your control.

  • Gain clarity on your priorities so you can know what to focus on immediately and what to leave for later

  • Have an action plan with personalized strategies so you know exactly what steps to take to move forward.


The Snap Out of Stress Power Session includes:


[1] Phone session (60 minutes)

Written up plan with personalized strategies emailed to you after the session

Email follow up 1 week later


Let's Get Started


Interested in working with me? I would love to work with you too! Click on the "Get Started" button below and let's schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss how I can best support you.

"We adored working with Parijat!"


We absolutely adored working with Parijat. When my mother passed away we were having some issues with our younger son. Parijat met with him and worked with him and helped us resolve the issues with our son. She got through with our son when she was not able to communicate with us. Thanks so much for all your efforts you put in working with our son.


Revati & Abhay | San Francisco Bay Area


"She helped me snap out of stress!"


When my son was given a diagnosis of autism, I was devastated. I didn't sleep for a week. Someone recommended Parijat to me and I did her Snap Out of Stress Power Session. She really did help me snap out of stress and see things in a different light so my stress won't go through the roof. Thank you Parijat!


Shirley | Fremont, CA

Mom and Accountant

"She gave us so much hope!"


We had an extremely positive experience working with Parijat. We weren't ready to see a couples counselor but we wanted to talk to someone about our concerns because our marriage was causing both of us so much stress. She gave us very informative materials and we gained so much insight into what were our problems. She was very patient and gave us so much hope that our marriage was not doomed.


Ariana & Mark | Sunnyvale, CA

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