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Your first steps to a healthier pregnancy and healthier baby start here:


My session with Parijat was inspirational. It was so great to talk to someone who went through a high-risk pregnancy too. I was so anxious before we talked. She made me feel understood and helped me to trust my body. To anyone who is thinking about doing a session with her, don't hesitate and just do it.

Kyeesha | New York

We had an extremely positive experience working with Parijat. We weren't ready to see a couples counselor but we wanted to talk to someone about our concerns. She gave us very informative materials and we gained so much insight into what were our problems. She was very patient and gave us so much hope that our marriage was not doomed.


Ariana & Mark | Married for 6 years

When my baby was born prematurely, I didn't know where to turn for support and understanding. Parijat offers a unique program that helps NICU families through one of the most stressful times of their life. She has been one of my biggest supporters since my 23 weeker came home from the NICU. I am grateful for her compassion, knowledge and understanding.


Andrea | Minnesota

Blogger at

Parijat has a unique gift in being able to connect with her audience. Her energy and passion for topics on emotional health definitely come through. In addition, her inclusion of real-life examples all work together to create a fun and dynamic experience for people fo all ages and backgrounds in attendance.


Dr. David Gard | Psychology Professor, San Francisco State University

Being a parent to a baby in the NICU is scary and very isolating. Having a resource who has been there and understands the wide range of feelings and thoughts that you have in an invaluable gift.


Christina | Chicago, IL

Mom of 25-weeker twins

I was so thrilled to talk to Parijat while I was on hospital bedrest. She really understood what I was going through and made me feel less lonely and more hopeful about what we were going through. She gave me great ideas on how to pass my time. I highly recommend highly recommend her to all moms on bedrest.


Renu | Mom of 34-week preemie

Parijat is more than just a great speaker, she's an incredibly talented storyteller. The anecdotes she told breathed life into concepts that at first seemed abstract and meaningless. It's been a year since I took Parijat's developmental psychology course, and I'm surprised by how much material I still remember.


Diana Dunkelberger | Graduate Student Mills College

It was a great experience to attend the "Science of Stress" workshop. The presentation reflected Parijat's expertise well. It was an eye opener. With simple cartoons and her animated syle of speaking, Pairjat made this serious topic not only intersting but enjoyable! I strongly feel this presentation should reach the larger audience. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with us!


Mandar | Bay Area Resident

My mother was recently diagnosed with severe depression and alcoholism. Hearing Parijat speak made me realize that it's not suomething I should be ashamed to talk about. These things do not make her crazy. As family we are helping her get the professional help she needs and watching her great stronger week by week. Thanks for helping me come to this realization.


Patricia | Bay Area Resident

We absolutely adored working with Parijat. When my mother passed away we were having some issues with our younger son. Parijat met with him and worked with him and helped us resolve the issues with our son. She got through with our son when she was not able to communicate with us. Thanks so much for all your efforts you put in working with our son.


Revati & Abhay | Bay Area Parents

Having someone like Parijat to connect with during my high-risk pregnancy and NICU experience would have made a world of difference. A connection with people who have been in your position, have endured the worst and came out as survivors is a boost of confidence that is critical in a time of uncertainty. Receiving that boost of confidence and camaraderie on a regular basis makes all the difference in the world.


Jenny | North Carolina

Former high-risk patient and NICU parent

Parijat understands people and helps them achieve their goals to lead healthier lives. I am personally grateful for her resourcefulness and highly recommend working with her.


Ekta | New York

Stay-at-home mom

Thank you for always helping me sort out my thoughts. You've been an amazing help.


Heather | Vermont

Mom with a high-risk pregnancy

Parijat is an accomplished and confident speaker who excels at tailoring presentations and key messages to a variety of audeinces. Her infections enthusiasm encourages open dialogue and empowers others to express their ideas.


Vikram Harish | Field Reimbursement & Market Access Manager

I listened to your email and thank you so much! You are wonderful. Ladies she can help.


Natalie | Ontario, California

NICU mom

I have learned so much from Parijat. Her professional experience brings a lot to the table. I know a lot of women who can definitely benefit from the services that she provides and the guidance that she gives them.


Angela Davids | Maryland

Founder of


I had a wonderful opportunity to attend Science of Stress workshop at PAMF. Parijat has a very natural style of explaining the subject that feels almost as if you are having a conversation with a very well-educated friend. She engaged the crowd with a variety of case studies that she has experienced wile practicing in the field. Parijat also offered different strategies for stress management.


Suraja | Bay Area Parent

By working with Parijat I learned to manage my IBS and anxiety by getting control of my thoughts.I realized that I'm stronger than I thought and I learned how to handle my diagnosis better over time. Working with her forced me to look at life and how it's been going. She made me stop and realize that good things have also happened. I like Parijat's practical and hands on approach. She gives you things that you can actually do. 


Allison | High School Student

"Parijat is a great listener and has the right tools to help! Before working with Parijat I was totally confused. By working with it helped me make a decision and now I am relaxed. I had no hesitations joining the Spark of Hope Session. Parijat is a great listener and has the right tools to help people."


Renuka | Los Angeles, CA

"I couldn't have done it without Parijat! Parijat was exactly who I needed to get through my pregnancy. She's an amazing listener and is so compassionate about what I'm going through. I couldn't have done it with you!"


Lauren | Chicago, IL

"I couldn't recommend a more caring, thoughtful, qualified person to help. Parijat has years of experience as a counselor and as a mom of a high risk pregnancy. I couldn't recommend a more caring, thoughtful, qualified person to help you along the way of pregnancy and motherhood."


 Preeti Pradhan | Oakland, CA


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