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Having spent most of her career behind a mic, as a professional speaker, podcaster, and performer, Parijat now brings her voice fiction and nonfiction projects related to reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric health, as well as educational and playful projects for youth and young adults.

From narrating audiobooks and courses to taking on voice over roles for animated and live action shows and films, Parijat offers her bright, compassionate, and calming voice to your projects related to

  • infertility

  • loss

  • high-risk pregnancy

  • prematurity

  • NICU

  • pediatric and reproductive health


And also...

  • children's educational videos

  • fictional audiobooks for children and young adults

  • animated series and educational video games

  • health and medical explainer videos

Whether you are working on an animated show, a drama series, need a narrator for your children's science course or audiobook, Parijat will bring her soothing voice and comfort with complex terminology to your project. Check out a sampling of Parijat's work via the demo tracks below.

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