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In response to the changing world, changing global health, and changing health care practices in 2023, we are opening up spots to work together in two new ways until December 1, 2023

Get More Answers Strategy Session - for health and wellness

The Get More Answers Strategy Session follows our proprietary STINS model. STINS stands for Somatic, Trauma-Informed, Neurobiological, Salutogenic, the approach we take here at Team Parijat to depathologize stress physiology in order to support whole health.

The 60-minute Get More Answers Strategy Session is a fully-loaded, information-intensive strategic consultation, held over zoom, to review health information and answer questions you may have about your reproductive, perinatal, and/or overall health from the STINS lens.


Together, we will have an insightful, honest and compassionate conversation about the impact of stress physiology on reproductive, perinatal, and overall health, after which you will take away actionable information, ideas, resources and referral suggestions to navigate your health and health care.

Bespoke Bundle - for health and wellness

Our bodies are different. Our experiences are different. Our journeys are different. Our health and wellness goals are different. Sometimes, somatic, trauma-informed work just does not fit neatly into a pre-determined package and we need something custom-made just for us.


If that sounds like what you're looking for, click the button and tell us more about you, your journey and your goals. We'll put together a bespoke bundle that fits into your budget to help you on your path before, during, and after a high-risk pregnancy. 

Innovative Solutions Strategy Session - for professionals

You're a provider, practitioner, and/or business owner and are exceptionally good at your craft. You’re always searching for how to improve your skills, your business practices, and your patient- or client-experience.

You’ve been curious about adding a trauma-aware and/or somatic approach to your business practices and services, which is what makes the Innovative Solutions Session perfect for you! 

During this one-hour strategy session, we will work together to identify new somatic and trauma-aware perspectives to enhance your business practices. Through a detailed case consultation, we will explore creative and innovative ways to approach your unique situation with your client or patient.

Script & Story Consultations - for filmmakers & authors

You are a director, producer, screenwriter, actor or author and you want to produce a TV series, short or narrative film, or documentary or write a novel that includes a character who's on a complicated family-building journey. Perhaps they're experiencing infertility or they have endometriosis or fibroids. Maybe they are going through a high-risk pregnancy or on bed rest during pregnancy. It's possible they experience (or will experience) a preterm birth or spend some time in the NICU. Or they're considering surrogacy (or are the surrogate). 

Viewers and readers who have personal experiences with these complications are experts on the matter. So, when filmmakers, actors, or authors get the details of these complications right, they are able to keep their viewers/readers deeply engaged with the story.

During our Script & Story Consultations, I will bring a combination of my experience as an independent development producer and executive producer, with my professional expertise in high-risk pregnancy health strategy and depathologized, somatic approach to birth and medical trauma, and my personal experience with infertility, loss, high-risk pregnancy, and prematurity, to help you create the richest, most accurate, most empowering version of the story you want to tell.

These consultations are available for first time clients only. If you have already worked with us in Path to Baby™️ , Path to Pregnancy, Fertility Foundations, or any of our other private concierge level programs, please use your private client consultation link.

If you're looking to reserve your spot for Path to Baby™️ or our other concierge style programs, please email us to inquire about availability.

All 1:1 options to work with Parijat are ending on December 1, 2023.

Not Ready for Consultations?

Check out our library of workshops and courses for patients, providers, practitioners, and business owners.

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