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If you've experienced infertility, loss(es), a previous high-risk pregnancy and/or preterm delivery and you're preparing to be pregnant again, click the image above.


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If you've experienced loss, fertility trauma, pregnancy trauma or birth trauma and are trying to reclaim your life and your health, click the image above.


"Parijat taught me how to manage my body as much as possible in the middle of some crazy times. She taught me how to physically calm my body and contractions down, and she taught me how to listen to what was happening with my body so that I knew when something serious was happening or not. It was life changing because before that, I just worried about everything and felt totally out of control. This gave me back some control which was so important. 

To anyone considering working with Parijat during a high-risk pregnancy, I would tell her that it was a necessary part of managing a high risk pregnancy and worth every penny.I credit Parijat with helping me keep my baby inside of me as long as possible (overdue in fact!) and teaching me to manage my body and feelings during a really difficult time. There are very few people who truly understand what it's like to go through a high risk pregnancy but Parijat does AND has ways to make it easier."

Rima | California


I love how positive and encouraging Parijat is. If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, she is definitely one to follow.  Thank you for being such an encouraging presence. We need more people like you.


Dr. Kathryn Hale, OB/GYN

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