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009: My Top 10 Things You Need to Do, Get or Buy When You're Trying to Get Pregnant

There are so many opinions, suggestions and recommendations for things to do and buy to help you get pregnant. Especially when you're struggling to conceive, this list can get overwhelming and confusing.

This week, I share with you my top 10 list of things you must buy, get or do to help you get pregnant. These are either personally tested and/or supported by research so you don't have to waste time searching on Google.


Episode highlights...

  • How are some couples able to get pregnant so easily when it seems so laborious for the rest of us?

  • What are OPKs and how are they an extremely helpful tool for getting pregnant?

  • What is "temping" and how can this technique can help?

  • Why you should talk to your OB before you get pregnant and what to expect in that appointment.

  • When is it important to consult a fertility specialist instead of a general OB/GYN?

  • What role does sleep play in fertility and overall pregnancy success, for men and women. (It's greater than you think!)

  • More sleep is not always better or conducive to better fertility. What is the sweet-spot?

  • A review of the harmful effects of stress and how it can be effectively managed.

  • Should you be skeptical of alternative medicine? What does the research indicate and what really produces results

  • Exercise can have both helpful AND detrimental effects on your pregnancy and fertility. Parijat addresses the best approaches.

  • Your relationship with your significant other is a central part in your ability to become pregnant. Why the intimate connection is key and how to keep the spark alive!

  • Changing where you have sex may actually help you get pregnant.

  • Diet and what you eat plays a tremendous part in your ability to have a successful pregnancy. What is the right diet for you?

  • What is a fertility work-up and is it worth the time and expense?

You have options when it comes to fertility treatment and getting pregnant. Know what they are and be empowered to make the best decision for you and your family.

Resources from the show...


Your relationship with your significant other is a central part in your ability to become pregnant. (Tweet that!)

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