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062: How to Take Back Control When You Feel Backed Into a Corner During Infertility or a High-Risk P

How to get back in control when you're frustrated during infertility or a high-risk pregnancy

No matter the circumstances, when you feel like all options are gone and your back is to the wall, we feel extremely frustrated. That frustration can lead to making poor choices, lashing out at loved ones and/or feeling hopeless or worse, falling into a depression.

On this episode, I share with you how to take back control during some of the most helpless times of your life.


Episode highlights...

  • What is frustration and how does it build up in our bodies

  • How the stress from frustration impacts us physically

  • Client story of helplessness and hopelessness when she felt like all the doors around her were shut and she'd never have a baby

  • How to know when you're pushed up against a wall and it's time to take back control

  • What to do when the one thing you want is out of a situation you cannot get out of

  • How to pinpoint exactly what is in our control that will actually make a difference

  • The #1 question you have to ask yourself every single day - ideally in the morning - to get back in control of a situation that feels out of your hands

  • What happened when I started asking myself this question when I was at some of my lowest points

  • How this question actually creates physical changes in your brain that cascade into your body - and the experiment I used to do when teaching social psychology that shocked my students too

  • Why doing this is critical when you're facing infertility or a high-risk pregnancy and how it can not only help you cope but help you thrive

You only have the options that you can see. Calming your brain and body can help you identify options you never considered before.

Resources from the show...

  • How to overcome stress and anxiety during a high-risk pregnancy and give your baby a strong start to life (Free webinar)

  • Get your copy of Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy (Read Now)

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