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078: Miracles During a High-Risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy is a uniquely difficult time because of the emotional and physical intensity. Within a short 40 weeks - sometimes less - you might hear difficult news, have to make impossible decisions all while feeling the weight of being responsible for another life. You hope for a miracle and yet you aren't sure if you'll be lucky enough to experience one. On this episode, I share with you why I believe everyone one of us has the power to create miracles during a high-risk pregnancy.


Episode highlights...

  • The comment one NICU nurse made to me that would ultimately change my life and my career (but I didn't know it then)

  • Examples of miracles that my clients have experienced during one of the scariest times of their life

  • How miracles happen during a high-risk pregnancy and how they don't necessarily mean delivering at term

  • The one message women with high-risk pregnancies need to hear most and hear the least (if at all)

  • What inspired me to write Pregnancy Brain

  • A live-reading of an excerpt from Pregnancy Brain

  • What I wish all women around the world knew about their bodies especially during a high-risk pregnancy

You have more power and control than you realize and are made to believe during a high-risk pregnancy. Don't ever forget that, no matter what everyone else says.

Resources from the show...

  • The Importance of the Mind-Body Connection (Listen now)

  • Pregnancy Brain goes into detail about the mind-body connection and how to help you manage your stress during a high-risk pregnancy (Read Now)

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