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086: Self-Care like a Porsche Owner

Who is taking care of YOU? What are you doing for self-care? We all know that self-care is important, but, if we’re honest, then we admit that it sounds so easy but is very difficult to practice. We go through life pushing ourselves because of being overwhelmed with life, infertility, responsibilities, family stuff, etc. Today’s show is about real-life lessons in self-care that I learned from a beautiful Porsche.


Episode highlights...

  • Why we push ourselves instead of slowing down---until our bodies scream at us to stop

  • What self-care can look like when times are tough: self-care isn’t just for you---it benefits your family members

  • The massive metaphor: why my car is a total reflection of the state of my life vs. the “Porsche” of self-care

  • What are we fueling ourselves with?

  • How do we bring self-care into reality?

  • The two common excuses we use: there is not enough time and not enough money

  • How to reframe those excuses by saying, “It’s not what we want to spend our time/money on right now.”

  • Take a total mindset shift to gain control and reprioritize your physical and mental health

  • Determine where you’re spending your time and money

  • How to deal with the guilt and the story you’ve made up to tell yourself

  • Pick time or money, whichever one stresses you out the most. Evaluate your resources and reprioritize to put the extra time or money toward YOU.

  • Take care of yourself to enjoy your life more

  • What is your ONE TINY THING?

  • Delegate, outsource---whatever it takes!

Today, I am giving you permission to take care of you. If you aren't taking care of yourself, you won't be able to properly take care of your family. Make yourself a priority - it's the best way you can take care of your family.

Resources from the show...

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