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The Only Thing Worse Than Doing The Wrong Thing

Having been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy or having a baby in the NICU, you may have had moments where you were competely terrified. Have you had moments when you were frozen by that fear, unable to move because you are overwhelmed by what's going on? Have you felt stuck in your tracks because you’re afraid of making a mistake when it comes to making medical decisions for you our baby? I’ve been there!

So many people are so afraid of making the wrong move, especially in circumstances where the stakes are high or they don’t feel confident, that they just don’t move at all. While making no decision may feel more comfortable in the short-run, it does nothing for the anxiety that you’re trying so hard not to feel about the situation that you’re trying to avoid!

If you are ready to know how to know how much better you can feel, you are going to want to join me for this Stress Less Action Challenge.

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Prefer to read instead of listen? Check it out:

When the stakes are high it’s normal to feel anxious. You may not want to know what comes next or you may not want to be the one responsible for making a situation potentially worse.

So you do nothing. You procrastinate, you deflect responsibility or you find things to distract you so you can avoid having to do anything.

But doing nothing actually makes anxiety worse.

I’m Parijat Deshpande and this is your Stress Less Action Challenge.

Your challenge is 3 parts.

First identify what part of your life is stressing you out so much that it’s made you freeze in your tracks. What have you been avoiding or procrastinating on?

Second, figure out what is the tiniest step that you can take toward resolving that situation. Don’t think about solving the entire problem. Think of just one, tiny step.

Finally, commit to taking action and do it!

Do you accept this challenge? Share it on my Facebook page! I would love to hear from you!

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