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Lonely During Your High-Risk Pregnancy? Try This.

No one gets it.

No one understands the fear that you live with every single day.

Well-meaning loved ones tell you to relax, kick up your feet during bed rest. Enjoy the time off before the baby comes. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Just be positive.

As if it were that easy.

You want to ask them if they have a crystal ball because How are you so sure everything will be ok?! Even my doctors don’t know that!

Whether you’re on bed rest and completely isolated from the world or still working and socializing, surrounded by people all day, having a high-risk pregnancy is a lonely experience.

There’s a voice in the back of your head that is always whispering, if not shouting, “what if something bad happens?”

It’s like a constant, irritating beep that you just cannot turn off even though you’re desperate for some silence.

That’s something most people don’t understand.

You may be watching a movie. Teaching yourself to crochet. Reading a book. Talking to your partner. Writing a report for work. Giving a presentation. Trying to sleep.

That voice doesn’t go quiet.

The journey from the double pink lines on the pregnancy test to bringing a chubby baby home has completely changed.

It’s left you in a dense forest without a map with the weight of your baby’s life on your shoulders.