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The One Question No One’s Asking (and how that’s impacting your pregnancy)

Blood pressure? Check.

Weight? Check.

Temperature? Check.

Fundal height? Check.

Every doctor’s visit is the same routine.

When you have a high-risk pregnancy, you have more eyes looking more closely at you and your baby than someone with a typical pregnancy.

Everyone is invested in helping you stay pregnant as long as possible for a healthy baby to bring home at the end of this long, scary road.

But there is one question that no one is asking that could make the difference between delivering on time or delivering early:

“How are you coping?”

How are you taking care of yourself? How are YOU?

Not the incubator, the belly, the one who’s growing the baby.

How are YOU?

The woman whose life has stopped because of bed rest. The woman who stays up at night listening to the clock tick, breathing a little easier when another hour passes by.

The woman who feels completely responsible for every complication, which just adds to the guilt that builds with every day.