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What You Need to Know About Nutrition and Fertility if You're Trying to Conceive

When you're ready to start trying for a baby, it's pretty intuitive what changes you need to make. Stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, eat healthy and exercise.

Sounds pretty simple right?

There's actually so much more to it than that!

During this interview, I speak with my friend and colleague Katie Kahvo, who specializes in fertility nutrition on exactly what you need to know about nutrition and fertility to help yourself get pregnant as quickly as possible.

We discuss things like, what supplements to take as well as what foods men AND women should eat and should avoid when trying to conceive.

Click here or the on image below to check out the interview and learn what nutritional changes you and your partner should make to help yourselves see that positive pregnancy test as quickly as possible.

What else do you want to know?

Have more questions about nutrition and fertility? Leave them in the comments below or under the FB live video and I'll be sure to get the answers for you!

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