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How You Might Be Sabotaging Your Stress Management Efforts During Your High-Risk Pregnancy

Have you ever found yourself feeling super frustrated because you know stress isn't good for your pregnancy and the're trying everything you can to lower your stress and you just cannot get it to stop?

You've tried exercising, coloring, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, distraction, talking to friends and your partner, journaling, mindfulness apps....everything you can think of.

But you're still tense. You're still anxious. You're still overwhelmed.

You still feel like a rhinosceros is sitting on your chest.

So then you tell yourself, "Just focus on the next milestone. It will get better."

You try to convince yourself that when you hit the second trimester, viability, third trimester, whatever that next moment'll feel better.

And the you cross that milestone and yet nothing feels that different.

You might feel like you can breathe a bit more, but you're still just as tense and just as worried as before.

I hear you. I really do.