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When You Heal from Pregnancy or Birth Trauma, Your Children Benefit

Did you know healing is contagious? It's physiologically impossible to keep the benefits of trauma healing to yourself!

Here's what I mean:

Living with unresolved trauma means we live in and operate from a constant state of danger and trying to find safety.

Children, pick up on that because it is a built-in survival mechanism. Their nervous system, tunes into yours, and they meet you in that sense of danger.

When they're in this state for too long and their little systems become overloaded, you can see it. More tantrums, disrupted sleep, more clinginess, trouble feeding, sick more often, etc.

The same is true with healing.

When you are able to re-regulate your nervous system, your child senses that and neurologically meets you in that state of safety.

(How amazing are our bodies that theh can do that?!)

And the cool thing is, you can see the shift almost immediately! A child who feels safe in their body is happier, less anxious, has less tantrums, is better focused at school, eats better, sleeps better, is more social (even if they're an introvert), and gets sick less often and SO much more.

This is not something you ever have to teach your child or even model to your child, because it's not about behavior.

In creating safety in your body, by re-regulating your nervous system, your child WILL pick up and respond and you will see the effects of it surprisingly quickly!

Healing doesn't just stop with you. Your current & future child(ren) have life-long benefits too!

When you join The Whole Story, this is what you have to look forward to.

Join us today and you can see how quickly you begin to reap the benefits of releasing trauma from your body, and how quickly your loved ones follow suit!


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