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When Trauma Affects Hormones

I had been working with her for a few weeks, long enough to be able to hear her voice when I read her emails. "I've literally never in my life had these hormones show up within the normal range!" is what she wrote in that email.

I remember how excited I was for her & also how not surprised I was to see this email.

She had done EVERYTHING. I mean most of my Path to Baby™️ clients have done everything, but this one in particular had a checklist longer than I'd ever seen.

✓ Western medical providers

✓ Eastern medical providers

✓ Alternative practitioners

✓ Psychotherapists

✓ Somatic practitioners

✓ Medications

✓ Herbs & Supplements

✓ Dieticians

...the list went on & on & on.

So when she joined Path to Baby™️, I knew she at the end of her rope. What was missing was understanding her body from a trauma informed lens.

How did her hormones make sense given that she was still living in a body functioning in its emergency state?

How did her sleep patterns, her period, her pain all make sense from this lens?

Because they weren't looking at it from this lens, their recommendations were also not from this lens.

Try to relax. Let's remove foods from your diet. Let's adjust your sleep hygiene, they said.

But a body functioning in its emergency state will not relax. Will still not be able to absorb nutrients effectively from even the healthiest of foods. Will not let you sleep even with the most perfect sleep hygeine.

The foundation of the Path to Baby™️ program is Health-Healthcare-Healing for a reason. Each one impacts the other so they can't be addressed independently if we want to see meaningful, long-term shifts to your health.

But working on them together is like turning the dial of a microscpe so suddenly the image is no longer blurry, but crystal clear.

We see patterns that others haven't seen before. We understand your body in a way that hasn't been explored before. And that is when we start to see medical odds being beat!


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