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Protecting Your Pregnancy After Loss or Preterm Birth

"I refuse to go through another rollercoaster in my next pregnancy," I heard her say on the phone as she sniffed back tears. "I refuse to let my trauma from my last pregnancy affect my next one."


That word stood out to me. She said it with SUCH conviction & power that I had chills on my arms.

She knew it had to be possible, but didn't know how.

Here's what we know:

1. Pregnancy after loss or preterm birth is terrifying. You have lived memories of some of the scariest moments of your life & your child's life. You are not crazy for being scared about your pregnancy after preemie or late term loss, even if your medical team tells you everything will be fine.

2. You can reduce your risk of many pregnancy complications in your next pregnancy by taking a trauma informed, neurobiological approach.

Stress physiology alters the neuro-endo-immune triad even outside of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it affects it in a way to increase the risk of many complications. Protecting your next high-risk pregnancy from the effects of your previous birth trauma, pregnancy trauma &/or medical trauma depends on knowing that

1️⃣ external events (e.g. good results from an ultrasound or blood work) will do nothing more than offer temporary relief so the feeling of peace & power has to come from creating it internally, separate from any external results &

2️⃣ this must be done at a body based level, continuously adjusting for the changing physiology of pregnancy.

None of this is possible by thinking or talking your way there, which is why seeing multiple talk therapists for years still leaves you feeling like something is missing.

What this client wanted wasn't just to feel better emotionally. She wanted to know she was doing everything she could have a healthy pregnancy & not let fear rob her of experiencing the joys of her next pregnancy.

I had the honor of celebrating the birth of her rainbow baby with her a few weeks back. A pregnancy with no complications. A pregnancy she actually got to enjoy. A pregnancy throughout which her doctors kept telling her how surprised they were at how well it was all going despite the statistics she was quoted & her loved ones continuously telling her how happy she seemed.

It is possible. When you follow physiology. When you let your body guide the work.

This is possible. If you refuse to let your past impact your next pregnancy, both emotionally & physically, know that I'm ready to walk this path with you all the way to bringing your baby home. Click here to join me in Path to Baby™️ and let's get you the support you deserve to bring home your next baby.

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