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Searching For a Crystal Ball For Your Pregnancy After Loss or Preterm Birth Usually Means This

If you're searching for a crystal ball to reassure you everything will be ok, it's not the uncertainty of the future that's uncomfortable, but the the sensations of your present.

No judgment. I've been there too. (Hello Magic 8 Ball.)

After your pregnancy loss, stillbirth, preterm delivery, you've lived through how often things are not ok.

You *KNOW* anything can happen because you've lived through that awful rollercoaster of uncertainty, often with a devastating outcome.

So when you turn your attention to the future again, pleading someone to tell you THIS time it will be ok, it's your brain trying to find safety.

But let's be honest, you know that even if someone could guarantee that you'll have a healthy pregnancy & bring home your baby, you wouldn't believe it.


Not because of the uncertainty of the future or what you've been through.

It's because of the discomfort of the present.

Here's what I mean...

In a body that's living in its emergency state, our senses have changed.

We're cut off from some external & many internal senses as well. When we cannot feel our body, we cannot leave that emergency state. This is not a question of effort. It's physiology.

It's like walking in the dark