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When Your Health Feels Like a Bingo Game

Ever feel like your health feels like a bingo card?

You just keep racking up more diagnoses, more problems.

Just as quickly, you're building your army of specialists, all who work in their own niche, not talking to each other.

Worse, many are starting to get to the end of their rope, ready to tell you there's nothing more to do or to discharge you because YAY your tests results are negative/clear!

But your bingo card is filling up & that's making you even more nervous about TTC or be pregnant again because if no one can help you figure THIS out what happens in pregnancy?

You refuse to gamble on your life or your future child's life, especially after all you've already been through.

Here's what I know for don't have 78 different problems. There IS a common thread between most if not all of them & very likely they're tied to stress physiology. (Not your thoughts, but what happens in your body when you're in your emergency state).

When we find that thread, we get a better understsanding of what happened before, is happenign now & your *real* risks for specific pregnancy complications in your next high-risk pregnancy.

For example, we can understand how PCOS & placenta previa or endometriosis & placental abruption connect, impact your next pregnancy & how these connections explain why you're also living with an autoimmune disease or chronic migraines.

AND we know exactly what YOU can do to mitigate those risks in a way that actually allows for YOUR body to feel different. Because you're no longer trying to put a bandaid on a broken leg, you're actually allowing the leg to heal. You're getting to the root. You're seeing the bottom of the glacier. (Need more analogies? I've got plenty! 😜)

You know this is not the best that you can feel. You know there's been You know there's been something missing. Let's get that missing piece for you.

Click HERE to find out about how we can work together.

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