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005: Your High-Risk Pregnancy Questions Answered

I remember duing my high-risk pregnancy I often felt like I had more questions than answers. I'd read something online - a blog post or a research study - and I'd wonder how it applied to me. Was I one of those statistics? Was that result likely to happen to me, for better or for worse?

I'd also have so many questions about how to cope with it all - the practical side of going through a high-risk pregnancy. How do you get through bed rest without going insane? How do I get my friends or family to understand that this is not a vacation and this is really scary?

If you're going through a high-risk pregnancy, I bet you have a ton of questions too. That's why I opened up this episode to address listener questions so you can finally get some answers and get some peace of mind.


Episode highlights...

  • Suggestions for men (and partners) who want to know how to support their wife on bed rest. This man's wife was dealing with a shortening cervix.

  • Tips on how to get in control of your anxiety and how doing that can help you stay pregnant even if you're going through pregnancy complications.

  • How to deal with anger during a high-risk pregnancy and how anger is just a diversion from something more important that needs your attention.

  • What you need to know about an incompetent cervix and preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM).

No one cares about your baby more than you do, so you have every right to demand the care that you deserve to care for you adn your baby during your high-risk pregnancy.

Resources from the show...

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I didn't share this in the episode but a lot of women share how angry they feel when they go through a high-risk pregnancy, are on bed rest, have a baby in the NICU, etc. Here are some additional strategies to help you cope with that anger. (Watch now)

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