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018: The Truth About Fertility Specialists, Who Needs to See One and When With Dr. Daniel Potter

Though one in 8 couples experience fertility challenges, there's still an air of mysticism about fertility treatment. Many couples don't know what to expect and the thought of invasive treatments can seem scary, so couples often put off seeing a specialist to help them conceive.

That means more time and energy wasted and continued heartache about why you're not able to get pregnant as fast as you thought you would.

On this episode I speak with world renowned reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Daniel Potter what how a fertility specialist can help you get pregnant.


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Episode highlights...

  • What is a reproductive endocrinologist and how do they differ from an OB?

  • When to move on from an OB/GYN to see a reproductive endocrinologist

  • How many Clomid cycles a couple should do before moving on to other options

  • A review of the many different types of fertility treatment which couples are best candidates for each

  • The fertility testing women in their 20s need to be doing and why

  • The ins and outs of egg freezing, what to expect and who are good candidates

  • What nutritional, vitamin and mineral supplements men and women should take when trying to conceive

  • The biggest myth most couples believe about fertility that Dr. Potter encounters most frequently

  • His top 3 suggestions on how to improve fertility naturally