045: Choosing the Right Fertility Treatment To Grow Your Family

It's overwhelming enough when you realize that you aren't getting pregnant as fast as you thought you would. Add on all of the different fertility treatment options that are available to couples, and the process can be downright confusing and filled with doubt.

On this episode, I break down for you all of the different ways that you can grow your family, from natural fertility enhancing methods, to artificial reproductive technology options to surrogacy and adoption.

Plus, I share with you the inside scoop of my experience with many of these options and what I wished I'd known so you don't make the same mistakes that I made.

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Episode highlights...

  • Why having trouble getting pregnant does not automatically mean you will need IVF

  • 8 different options couples have to grow their family

  • The difference between Clomid and injectible hormones to help you ovulate

  • Why you should not automatically default to Clomid when you haven't conceived and what to do instead

  • Why IUI (formerly known as artificial insemination) is not right for many women with endometriosis

  • When IUI can be more beneficial than trying naturally to conceive

  • Ensuring you have the best quality embryo when you're doing IVF

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fertility treatment. Listen to your body to know what options are right for you.

Resources from the show...


For women with moderate to severe endometriosis, IUI is not a great option (Tweet that!)

Listen to your body to knwo which fertility options are right for you (Tweet that!)

Allow yourself to grieve the loss of how you dreamt you'd grow your family (Tweet that!)

Despite all of the overwhelm and heartbreak of infertility, you will find peace again (Tweet that!)

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