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048: The Truth About Doulas and How They Help During Pregnancy and Delivery

Having an amazing OB and/or MFM is critical and essential for your health and the health of your baby, espeically during a high-risk pregnancy. But it is often not enough.

There are many aspects to prenatal care that OB/GYNs and MFMs cannot provide because they either don't have time and/or don't have the training.

Providing birth support is one of those things.

On this episode, renowned celebrity doula Lori Bregman talks about what a doula does, how she supports women and how she enhances the medical care your doctor is providing...even if your pregnancy is high-risk!


Episode highlights...

  • How Lori's own birth as a newborn and work as a massage therapist inspired her to work with pregnant women and babies

  • How your fears, worries and stress is passed down to your baby in utero

  • How the internet breeds fear and distrust in women's own bodies

  • What exactly is a doula, how did the role develop and what do they do for pregnant women

  • Why you need a doula the most if you're delivering in the hospital

  • The only thing women should be focused on during labor

  • The partner's role during labor and delivery when there is a doula in the room

  • How a doula can support women who have high-risk pregnancies

  • Reframing pregnancy complications as preparation for their role as a mother

  • The role of spiritual coaching in Lori's coaching and doula practice

  • A doula's role during delivery even if it's a cesarean section

  • Can doula's support moms after a preterm delivery?

  • What postpartum support you can expect from a doula

  • Details of her work with Saudi Princesses

  • The downside of social media especially when you're postpartum

  • Lori's take on how long the postpartum period lasts and what she tells women when they ask

  • When to contact a doula during your pregnancy for support

  • How doulas and midwives work together for homebirths, birthing centers or in the hospital

You have to have a complete prenatal care team when you're pregnant. Consider working with a doula to complete your team to get the support you need and deserve to bring your baby safely into the world.

Resources from the show...


It's not what you do every once in a while that affects the child. It's what you do consistently. (Tweet that!)

Nurses do the medical stuff. Doctors catch the baby. The doula is with you a long time. (Tweet that!)

Have someone mother you so you can mother your baby (Tweet that!)

About the Guest

Lori Bregman is a renowned doula, life, pregnancy, wellness and women’s empowerment and author of, The Mindful Mom to Be. With over 16 years of experience, Lori works with moms to be and new moms on all aspects of their personal transformation from fertility through pregnancy and into new motherhood. She is unique in her innate ability to blend spiritual coaching, healing and intuition which are fully integrated into her Doula practice. The delivery is just one part of the journey of birthing not only a healthy baby but also a healthy mother. Lori cultivates a strong relationship with her clients by supporting them throughout the entire process – before, during and after the birth. She is the founder of the Rooted for Life Program, a complete mind, body and spirit support system that helps women throughout fertility, pregnancy and birth as they transition into new motherhood.

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